Best Gaming Keyboard Under 50

Best Gaming Keyboard Under 50 – Top 4 List

Best Gaming Keyboard Under 50 – Top 4 Picks

Gaming keyboards are a specialized type of keyboard designed for use with computer games. Unlike regular keyboards, which are designed for general use, gaming keyboards are equipped with features that can improve a gamer’s performance and experience. In this article, we will discuss some of the benefits of using a gaming keyboard over a regular keyboard in casual gaming.

One advantage of gaming keyboards is their enhanced responsiveness and accuracy. Regular keyboards are not optimized for gaming and may not provide the same level of precision and speed as a gaming keyboard. Gaming keyboards, on the other hand, are designed to deliver fast and accurate keystrokes, which can be particularly beneficial in fast-paced games where quick reflexes and precise movements are essential to success.

Another benefit of gaming keyboards is the presence of programmable keys. Regular keyboards do not typically have programmable keys, limiting users to the default function of each key. Gaming keyboards, however, allow users to program keys to perform specific actions or macros in-game, which can save time and improve efficiency. For instance, a key can be programmed to automatically cast a spell or switch between weapons, providing a significant advantage in games that require quick actions.

In addition to programmable keys, gaming keyboards often feature customizable backlighting. This can be a valuable asset in low-light gaming environments, allowing users to easily see and identify the correct keys to press. This can improve accuracy and reaction time, as users will not need to waste time trying to locate the right keys.

Gaming keyboards also commonly include dedicated media keys. Regular keyboards do not typically have dedicated media keys, requiring users to use a combination of keys to control music or videos. Gaming keyboards, however, provide dedicated keys for media control, making it easier to multitask while gaming.

Finally, gaming keyboards frequently come equipped with additional features that can enhance the gaming experience. Some gaming keyboards have built-in wrist rests to reduce fatigue and strain during extended gaming sessions. Others have built-in USB ports and audio jacks, which can be useful for connecting other gaming peripherals or headphones.

In summary, gaming keyboards can offer several advantages over regular keyboards in casual gaming. The improved responsiveness and accuracy, programmable keys, customizable backlighting, dedicated media keys, and additional features can all help to enhance performance and improve the gaming experience. If you are a casual gamer seeking to improve your skills and enjoyment, a gaming keyboard may be worth considering.

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Best Gaming Keyboard Under 50 – Summary

1. Havit Mechanical KeyboardHavit Mechanical KeyboardSEE ON AMAZON
2. SteelSeries Apex 3 KeyboardSteelSeries Apex 3 KeyboardSEE ON AMAZON
3. Redragon K552 Mechanical Gaming KeyboardRedragon K552SEE ON AMAZON
4. Corsair K55 KeyboardCorsair K55 KeyboardSEE ON AMAZON
Best Gaming Keyboard Under 50 – Summary

Best Gaming Keyboard Under 50 at a Glance

Best Gaming Keyboard Under 50 Reviews

1. Havit Mechanical Best Gaming Keyboard Under 50
1. Havit Mechanical Keyboard (Image credit: Amazon)

1. Havit Mechanical Keyboard

SPECIFICATIONS Havit Mechanical Keyboard 

Brand: Havit | Connectivity Technology: USB Wired | Color: Black | Number of Keys: 89 | Style: Retro

REASONS TO BUY Havit Mechanical Keyboard 

✓ Ergonomically optimized high and low keys.

✓ Stable keycaps and switches

REASONS TO AVOID Havit Mechanical Keyboard 

✗ No enter key in num pad requires some getting used to.

✗ Heavy as a standard keyboard

Havit Mechanical Keyboard, Wired Compact PC Keyboard with Number Pad Red Switch Mechanical Gaming Keyboard 89 Keys for Computer/Laptop (Black)
  • 【Compact Keyboard with Numpad】Unlike bulky full-sized layout, this 85% keyboard saves more desk space but keep the numkeys which is essential. Press Fn+Backspace to lock/unlock the numkeys (Note: The numpad lights up ONLY when it’s unlocked, the rest of the keys don’t have lighting)
  • 【Colorful PBT Keycaps】 Constructed from unique and high-quality durable PBT keycaps, Havit mechanical keyboard has excellent touch experience and long serving time. Colorful keycaps can bring a more pleasant mood during games or work, decorate your space and enhance your life.
  • 【Red Switches Keyboard for Different Needs】Perfect for office typing or playing games. Havit HV-KB487L wired keyboard frees up your desk during work, after working sessions, you can enjoy the keyboard for gaming, or bring it with you as the size is compact and easy to carry out.
  • 【Ergonomic Comfort】The design of this mechanical gaming keyboard is based on ergonomics, the two keyboard kickstands provide comfortable angle for typing and effectively reduces the burden on the wrist.
  • 【Wide Compatibility】This 89 key mechanical keyboard is compatible with Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows VISTA and other systems. Cautions: For Mac OS and Chrome OS system, the Num Lock function is not available, so the number pad is unable to be locked and will stay on.

This compact wired keyboard features anti-ghosting technology and Red Switch mechanical keys to give fast, accurate input every time. Plus, it comes with a number pad, so you can quickly type numbers without reaching over to another part of your desk. Whether playing games or getting work done, the Havit Mechanical Keyboard is an excellent choice for any PC user!

2. SteelSeries Apex 3 Best Gaming Keyboard Under 50
2. SteelSeries Apex 3 Keyboard (Image credit: Amazon)

2. SteelSeries Apex 3 Keyboard


Brand: SteelSeries | Compatible Devices: Gaming Console | Number of Keys: 104 | Style: Tactile & Silent

REASONS TO BUY SteelSeries Apex 3

✓ Highly durable – IP32

✓ Easy multimedia control

REASONS TO AVOID SteelSeries Apex 3

✗ RGB non-programmable

SteelSeries Apex 3 RGB Gaming Keyboard – 10-Zone RGB Illumination – IP32 Water Resistant – Premium Magnetic Wrist Rest (Whisper Quiet Gaming Switch)
9,472 Reviews
SteelSeries Apex 3 RGB Gaming Keyboard – 10-Zone RGB Illumination – IP32 Water Resistant – Premium Magnetic Wrist Rest (Whisper Quiet Gaming Switch)
  • Ip32 water resistant – Prevents accidental damage from liquid spills
  • 10-zone RGB illumination – Gorgeous color schemes and reactive effects
  • Whisper quiet gaming switches – Nearly silent use for 20 million low friction keypresses
  • Premium magnetic wrist rest – Provides full palm support and comfort
  • Dedicated multimedia controls – Adjust volume and settings on the fly

With its RGB illumination, this keyboard offers customizable color settings to perfectly match your style and setup. Plus, it’s water resistant, so you don’t need to worry about accidentally spilling liquids or other messy accidents while playing. And with its magnetic wrist rest, this keyboard provides the perfect support and comfort during long gaming sessions.

3. Redragon K552 Mechanical Best Gaming Keyboard Under 50
3. Redragon K552 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard (Image credit: Amazon)

3. Redragon K552 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

SPECIFICATIONS Redragon K552 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Brand: Redragon | Special Feature: Backlit | Color: Black | Number of Keys: 87

REASONS TO BUY Redragon K552 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

✓ Surprisingly good build

✓ Full mechanical

✓ Sturdy aluminum keyboard base

REASONS TO AVOID Redragon K552 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

✗ Keycaps are a bit thin

Redragon K552 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard 87 Key Rainbow LED Backlit Wired with Anti-Dust Proof Switches for Windows PC (Black Keyboard, Red Switches)
  • Tenkeyless compact mechanical gaming keyboard Redragon k552 tkl small compact with dust proof mechanical switches Linear switches quiet click sound fast action with minimal resistance without a tactile bump feel
  • Rainbow LED RGB backlit mechanical USB gaming keyboard 19 different lighting effects and game modes 2 user defined modes 6 colors multiple brightness level breathing speed precision engineered keycaps offering crystal clear uniform backlighting
  • Ergonomic designed steel series mechanical game keyboards high-quality durable metal-abs construction with plate-mounted mechanical keys and switches that stand up even during the most testing marathon gaming sessions
  • Anti ghosting all 87 keys are conflict free nkey rollover featuring 12 multimedia keyboard keys and a non-slip ergonomic, splash-proof design comes with gold-plated high-speed corrosion free USB connector for a reliable connection
  • Compatible with windows 10, windows 8, windows 7, windows vista, or windows xp, limited mac os keyboard support works well with all major computers brands and gaming pcs.

The Redragon K552 comes in several colors to suit your style, with customizable RGB backlighting so you can adjust the lighting only to show the colors you want. It also features anti-ghosting technology, allowing you to press multiple keys simultaneously without lag or missing keystrokes. Plus, with its comfortable and sturdy design, this keyboard is perfect whether you’re sitting down to play or using it while on the go.

4. Corsair K55 Best Gaming Keyboard Under 50
4. Corsair K55 Keyboard (Image credit: Amazon)

4. Corsair K55 Keyboard

SPECIFICATIONS Corsair K55 Keyboard

Brand: Corsair | Special Feature: Lighting | Color: Black | Number of Keys: 120

REASONS TO BUY Corsair K55 Keyboard

✓ All kinds of settings and customizable shortcuts.

✓ Adjustable illumination at the rear.

✓ Includes wrist support.

REASONS TO AVOID Corsair K55 Keyboard

✗ The keys are a tad slow to respond.

With its water and dust resistance, this keyboard is built to last. And with 6 customizable macro keys, dedicated media controls, and detachable palm rest, it’s easy to use too. Whether you’re playing your favorite games or simply surfing the web, you’ll love how easy this keyboard makes everything.


Finding a high-quality mechanical keyboard that won’t break the bank is no simple matter. Still, we’ve made an effort for you by researching, testing, and writing about the best available options.


Is it better to use a mechanical keyboard when playing games

Due to their more precise inputs and increasingly firm switch sensation, mechanical keyboards are superior for gaming.

Which features should I seek out in a low-cost gaming keyboard?

A good starting point for finding a versatile keyboard is to search for one that is solidly made, has a nice under-finger feel and has decent RGB lighting.

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