NETGEAR C7800 - Best Gaming Modem

Frequency 2.4 GHz
Weight 3.15 pounds
Dimensions 10.4 x 7.5 x 12.4 inches Frequency: 2.4 GHz
Data Speed 1 GBPS

Gamers, if you want a modem that will give you excellent network connection while being connected to multiple other devices simultaneously and also saves your monthly rental fee, then this NETGEAR C7800 Modem is complementary to your choice.


NETGEAR C7800 Modem is a 10.40×7.50×12.40 inches featured pack router that takes care of all internet related needs of gamers.

This modem is designed keeping in view the requirements of a gamer from its router, and it efficiently replaces your conventional wifi devices and keeps you happy at saving $150/yr in the rental fee of the equipment.

Your connection will not be lost, and you will be entertained by the extraordinary fastest speed even when your modem is connected to +45 devices. It provides you with a seamless internet connection by intelligently selecting among the dual-bands that minimizes any disturbance and maximizes the speed of the connection for each of the connected devices.

While entertaining you with a perfect high speed of up to 3200Mbps for your heavy-duty 4k HD streaming, it also provides you with an additional feature of parental control that you can use to limit the internet access to other devices. Now you can have a check on your kid’s screen and also manipulate the devices if they are hindering your gaming experience.

Because of the inclusion of amplified antennas and range-boosting Beamforming+ technology, NETGEAR C7800 Modem allows you to enjoy unlimited WiFi coverage up to 3000 square feet.

You can very quickly and easily set up this modem by simply plugging in your coax cable into your modem and then by activating either of them according to your own convenience.

The activation process can be done by yourself simply by connecting an Ethernet cable to your computer and following the on-screen setup, or you can also call the cable provider to help you activate it over the phone. It’s no hassle at all, and you can enjoy unlimited and uninterrupted access to your network for a great gaming experience.


This is among the best and top-selling modem that you can have at your house for an unlimited and exclusive gaming experience.

  • Vast coverage.
  • Perfect 4K HD streaming.
  • Excellent uninterrupted network access.
  • It does not work perfectly with Comcast.

ASUS All in One DOCSIS 3.0 Comcast's Xfinity Compatibility

Brand ASUS
Frequency 5 GHz
Weight 2.09 pounds
Dimensions 7.4 x 2.36 x 11.81 inches
Data Speed 2534 MBPS

Don’t frustrate yourself by having an interrupted gaming experience by connecting to the conventional router that drops signals very often; get yourself a brand new ASUS Router Combo that could set you free from the lagging problems that you face regularly.


This router says much about itself and has attracted millions of admirers through its unmatched features.

ASUS modem comes combined with a DOCSIS cable modem having a WiFi AC2600 router that is meticulously powered by advanced wireless technologies designed to deliver full bandwidth and coverage.

Now, with zero dead zones in your house, you can enjoy uninterrupted internet access up to a vast area of your house.

Nothing can excite you more than a product providing you with hundreds of benefitting features along with saving you from paying any extra monthly rental fee for it.

With this modem installed in your house for a maximum of the smart devices, you can now save up to a $120 rental fee each month.

CableLabs is among the best and certified internet speed providing channels that support this cable modem, powered by AC2600 WiFi and makes it ideal for providing a high-speed, ultimate wifi connection to most of your devices at home that are streaming, gaming, and downloading simultaneously.

The transition range and the sensitivity of the product are highly improved through its four WiFi receives and transmits. This makes it efficient and effective in providing unmatched WiFi speed, thus making it a powerful and attractive router to buy.

Additionally, the modem is specified with AiRadar beamforming technology that helps it to provide the ultimate WiFi connectivity that no other routers can provide you with.

It is an advanced modem that comes with an inclusion of multi-user MIMO technology, which highly improves the WiFi speed in a multiple-device environment. Now you can enjoy an internet connection that never lags even when connected to multiple smart devices simultaneously.


These advanced features of the ASUS Router Combo never let anyone leave it unpurchased for the best internet connectivity experience.

  • Updated for better performance.
  • Monthly rental saving.
  • Highly rated and recommended.
  • Works best with Comcast's Xfinity Internet.
  • Slight incorrect installation instructions.

Linksys WRT32X AC3200 Dual-Band WiFi

Brand Linksys
Frequency 5 GHz
Weight 1.76 pounds
Dimensions 2.04 x 9.68 x 7.63 inches
Data Speed 3200 MBPS

Linksys is among the top-rated modem sellers and is famous for its best quality products and highly efficient network provision, which the gamers are extremely grateful to have.


When you have this Linksys High-Speed 2.04×9.68×7.63 inches dual-band WiFi modem with you at your home, you can enjoy its unlimited features that are there to entertain the users, especially the gamers.

Linksys has taken great care in maintaining the internal features and the outward look of the product. This modem is inspected professionally, cleaned, and tested to work and look like a brand new product. The high-quality material with which it is made makes it reliable and durable to use.

This modem is intentionally designed for gamers who are so inclined towards their gaming all the time and want a speedy internet connection for their gameplay. AC2300 comes to provide you Next-Gen AC WiFi speed up to 3.2 Gbps that help you be at the top of your game.

Its Killer Prioritization Engine is included to identify, prioritize, and identify gaming network traffic above any other and reduces peak ping up to 77% so that you don’t have to worry about losing the round.

Now each of the connected devices can have its own dedicated data stream so that they don’t have to compete with each other for the bandwidth.

It comes with an advanced pro-grade Gigabit Ethernet switch that has four ports to speed its string internet connection to multiple devices at a time. This feature makes this modem ideal for connecting multiple gaming devices simultaneously without dropping down signals for any.

Its DFS certification from the FCC allows it to not only operate at 160 Tri-Stream but also skillfully triples the channels available at 80MHz. This modem can work in the clearest airspace, which other modems aren’t able to do so.


This modem is the best choice if you are looking for a super-fast modem that prioritizes your gaming just like you do. With its fast internet speed and premium performance, you are surely going to love it.

  • DFS Feature.
  • Prioritizes gaming.
  • Premium quality material.
  • 4 gigabit Ethernet port.
  • No cons.

NETGEAR CM600 - Best Cable Modem For Gaming

Frequency Not Specified
Weight 12 ounces
Dimensions 8.47 x 9.97 x 3.78 inches
Data Speed Not Specified

If you are tired of changing and trying various modems to treat your network speed problems and still have not found any way out, then make sure to try out this NETGEAR Cable Modem CM600 once, and you’ll watch out all your internet troubles fade away.


This 5.30×8.70×2.40 inches router comes packed with features that are unmatched and could not be found in any other router.

This cable modem is specifically designed to set you free from all the internet speed related troubles. It comes to provide you with a connection with an exclusively high speed of up to 960Mbps, including 24 downstream and eight upstream channels that you can enjoy anytime.

NETGEAR products are always easy to install, and when it comes to the installation of CM600, it’s super quick and easy; and you can install the device just by plugging in your coax cable into the modem and by activating either of them, whatever may suit you.

CM600 works with any type of WiFi router. Just plug the modem into the router that perfectly fulfills your wireless needs. You can easily start streaming and play high-end games of your choice at very high speed.

This modem is highly compatible with all the major cable providers, including Xfinity by Spectrum, Comcast, and COX.

CM600 eliminates the monthly rental fees and helps you save up to $168 or more per year.


NETGEAR Cable Modem CM600 does not let you feel frustrated over the lagging internet connection and provides you a high-end speed for unlimited simultaneous connections.

  • Vast compatibility range.
  • Quick and easy installation.
  • Efficient speed.
  • Not compatible with Verizon, Direct, AT&T, DISH CenturyLink, DSL provides, and bundled voice services.


Frequency 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz
Weight 2.5 pounds
Dimensions 11 x 10.24 x 2.75 inches
Data Speed 10/100/1000 MBPS

Ever since its establishment, Motorola has remained dedicated to providing its customers with high-quality products, including mobile phones to wifi modems. However, Motorola presented VDSL/ADSL2 Modem & Router is among its best-rated products that attract the buyers' attention.


It is a full-featured modem that fulfills all the requirements that a gamer would have set for his perfect dream router.

Motorola modem is a great product that is designed to provide you with extremely fast internet speed to all of your wifi and ethernet devices. Now you can enjoy the consistent speed during the hours of long gameplay.

The compatibility range of the modem is always on high ends, as it is perfectly compatible with non-bonded/non-vectoring VDSL and ADSL services from TDS Telecom, Windstream, Frontier, and Fairpoint.

Now you can enjoy DLNA media sharing with this Motorola modern. All you have to do is simply plug in a USB storage device into a USB 2.0 host port that is there for Network Attached Storage, which effectively supports DLNA media Sharing anytime and anywhere in your house.

This wireless modem saves you from the irritation of wire tangling; it saves your space by fitting into the minimum space available anywhere you want to put it.

DSL router/modem combo comes with a setup wizard that is designed for you to easily install the product.

Motorola has taken great care in manufacturing this modem and made it efficient in providing you the internet speed of up to 100 Mbps. This speed greatly depends upon the speed of ADSL or VDSL internet services.

MD1600 is quite effective in providing you high-speed internet connectivity for all of your Ethernet and wireless devices, including HDTVs, smartphones, tablets, game stations, computers, and more.

Above all, MD1600 is a full package of features that include a firewall, IPv4 and IPv6 support, and Virtual Private Network (VPN) capability.


So game lovers, have this modem with you at your home and enjoy the unlimited exclusive gaming experience that will make you be a pleasure with your gameplay all the time you have it.

  • Available in multi colors.
  • Speed up-to 10Gbps.
  • 100% Pure Copper.
  • Packed in PVC Jacket.
  • Perfect for gamers.
  • Difficult Installation.
  • Less Bandwidth.

NETGEAR Orbi All-in-One

Frequency Not Specified
Weight 3.25 pounds
Dimensions 8 x 9.57 x 5.91 inches
Data Speed 2.2 GBPS

Orbi is popular for providing a fast, reliable, and upgraded wifi service that eliminates any dead zones in your home and prevents lagging for the connection. With NETGEAR Orbi All-In-One Cable Modem + Whole Home Mesh-Ready WiFi Router with you, you can have the best ever experience with the internet connection that you cannot have with any other routers.


It comes with unlimited features to provide you with an efficient service that is irreplaceable and unmatched.

The modem is carefully designed to provide you with a 32X faster internet connection for smooth, uninterrupted connections to entertain you with the best ever gaming experience at a consistent speed that is never lagging.

You can now enjoy the same 32X faster speed even when multiple devices are connected to your connection simultaneously. The internet speed never lags, and the efficiency is due to its inclusion of tri-band technology and powerful Quad-core 710MHz processor.

It comes with four ethernet ports that provide a wired connection to your gaming consoles, smart TV, and more.

In addition to the other features, this modem comes with an additional feature of smart parental control that means now you can manage content on your kid’s screen and also the time that online on any connected device, just through one smart click.

With the Orbi app now, you can easily set up your wifi modem at your home. Furthermore, you can also create the guest network, run speed tests, and access smart parental control simply through a smart click through your app.

This modem is highly compatible with all the major internet services providers, including COX, Xfinity m, Comcast, Spectrum, and others.


Now you might be satisfied with the features that you have read just now. So, what are you waiting for? Get yourself this brand new NETGEAR Orbi All-In-One Cable Modem + Whole Home Mesh-Ready WiFi Router?

As early as possible to enjoy the exclusive, uninterrupted game-play.

  • Best performance.
  • Saves rental fee of up to $156.
  • Not compatible with Verizon, CenturyLink, or AT&T.


Frequency Not Specified
Weight 2.59 pounds
Dimensions 9.72 x 4.06 x 9.5 inches
Data Speed 1400 MBPS

Selecting the best modem for your online gaming can be the most challenging task, but know that when you have Arris in front of you, the choice becomes very easy.


Entertaining you with multiple features like increased speed, wide compatibility options, dual-band wifi with the best performance, and many others, ARRIS SURFboard SBG7600AC2 has made its way to the hearts of millions of people.

Considering DOCSIS is very important when you are buying the best ever performing router. DOCSIS is a telecommunications standard that is used by cable TV providers to provide internet access over the existing infrastructure. Its relationship to the modem is that the higher the DOCSIS better the performance of the modem.

This router comes with the highest of 3. 0 DOCSIS. Out of several other modem’s with comparatively low DOCSIS, this one is the best. It is perfectly great in its performance because of its efficiently high DOCSIS.

Now you can play your online games with greater ease and without the trouble of being disconnected time and again.

The modem has been designed with the careful addition of dual-band wifi technology and 4 Gigabit Ethernet ports that provide you with much faster speed. The increased speed handles all your internet lagging and disconnecting problems to let you enjoy irritation-free gaming online with your teammates and opponents.

Nothing could make you feel more satisfied than having a modem that is compatible with almost all of the smart devices. You can connect ARRIS to various US Cable Internet Providers, including Xfinity, Spectrum, and many others.

It comes to provide you with 32 downstream and eight upstream channels, which are more than efficient for you to be satisfied with the product.

Taking great care of your comfort zone, this modem does not add to your troubles by being so difficult to set up and manage. You can easily and quickly set up this router via its SURFboard manager app. It helps you go through all the processes with ease and prevents you from being stopped at any instant of the process.


With all these features mentioned above, it is very difficult to avoid such a great and amazing router that is just perfect for your gameplay. Buying the item will never let you regret ever in all the period of usage. If you plan to buy ARRIS SURFboard SBG7600AC2, then be ready to have an amazing experience with your gameplay.

  • Dual-band WiFi.
  • Great support for multiple devices.
  • Perfect performance.
  • 4 Gigabit Ethernet ports.
  • Not compatible with Verizon, ATT, Century Link, or other DSL or Fiber internet providers.
  • Digital voice service not supported.

Motorola MB8600

Brand Motorola
Frequency Not Specified
Weight 1.1 ounces
Dimensions 7.25 x 2.25 x 7.88 inches
Data Speed Not Specified

You cannot imagine what this 7.25×2.25×7.88 inches router can do to your gaming experience. With advanced features, enhanced performance, and an attractive design, this modem is perfect to be chosen by all the gamers.


Its features are added specifically to take you to the next level of enjoyment and pleasure with your favorite online game. The super fast speed, Undistorted internet connection, multiple connectivity options, and easy to set up and manage features are the ones you would absolutely love having all.

This router keeps you at ease with your gaming experience by providing you ultra-fast speed. The speed is provided by the 3.1 DOCSIS, which supports speeds of mang Gigabit efficiently. The lags are effectively eliminated through its Active Queue Management technology. For Very high and fast speeds, this cable modem can prove to be your best choice.

Everyone would love to have found a modem that is full of features and doesn’t require any additional charges to be paid. Unlike other routers, this cable modem is also a great service provider but saves your monthly rental fee. It typically saves 156 dollars/year as compared to the Xfinity cable modem rental fee, but the actual saving totally depends upon your service provider.

We recommend you to go for this router if you want to save your rental fee along with enjoying multiple advanced features.

To allow you to provide a high-speed wired connection to any of your router, internet cable device, or computer, the modem comes with a Gigabit Ethernet port that lets you easily connect to your devices to enjoy exclusively high-speed internet access.

It is plugged easily into any router to provide you the shared internet access through all of your ethernet cable and wifi devices. All you have to do is to pair your modem with any router of your choice, and you will get your desired shared internet access.

Certified by Comcast Xfinity and Cox, this cable modem is compatible with almost all of the cable providers except for Verizon, AT&T, CenturyLink, and other satellite, DSL, or fiber optic services.

Undoubtedly you would never want to have a router that makes you feel frustrated over the process of setting it up. To set you free from that problem also, Motorola has designed this modem in such a way that it gets connected super-fast with power, coax, and ethernet cable.


Certified by Comcast and Cox, this Cable Modem makes your gaming experience memorable. With this fastest cable routers, gamers would absolutely love their enhanced gameplay. So give it a try once, and we are sure that you will not regret the experience.

  • Great internet speed.
  • Compatible with most of the cable modems.
  • Ultra-secure from denials of service attacks.
  • Reduced latency.
  • Not compatible with Verizon, AT&T, CenturyLink, and other satellite, DSL, or fiber optic services.

Tenda AC10U Smart Gigabit

Brand Tenda
Frequency 5 GHz
Weight 12.4 ounces
Dimensions 8.66 x 5.57 x 1.93 inches
Data Speed 1200 MBPS

Gamers would enjoy the company of this router as it keeps them at ease with their internet connection usage. It is not an ordinary router but is meticulously made with an intention to sever the internet related needs of the gamers.


Greater speed, ultimate coverage, advanced technologies to enhance performance, multiple device connectivity, and many others are among the features with which it keeps its user happy and content with itself all the time.

Gamers would absolutely love to have this super fast speed providing router that provides them with an undistorted and extraordinary gaming experience. The greater the internet speed greater is enjoyment, pleasure, and entertainment. Surprisingly, you will get 300Mbps on 2.4GHz and 867Mbps on 5GHz.

The amazing thing about this modem is that it comes at a perfectly low price, and everyone can afford to have this featured packed router to enhance their online gaming experience.

Don’t worry if you have forgotten your PPPoE username or password and cannot log in to the web UI of the router for a quick setup because AC10U can easily migrate your username and password from your original router so that the setup once becomes hassle-free.

AC10U is designed to have 5dBi external antennas to provide super fast and extraordinary WiFi to a much-expanded area. It entertains you with a much faster and undistorted internet speed that never gives you a lag even when multiple other devices are connected to it. The antennas are omni-dimensional and with their wire design and multiple oscillators. AC10U, with the help of these antennas, balances the field at the level of perfection by providing you much stronger signals.

Its multitasking ability is attractive to almost all users, but for gamers, it is a perfect solution for their game-lag. However, to keep the router continue performing great advanced MU-MIMO technology assists it that improves its multi-task performance. This technology allows you to easily communicate with other devices: you can shorten their latency and improve the internet quality of all the connected devices.

Surprisingly, this modem comes with a USB interface that is to provides you the ease of sharing and storing data. You can easily connect this router to a hard disk and carry on an easy sharing of amazing pictures, videos, and movies to make some happy and memorable experiences with your family and friends.

Tenda is exclusively made to handle the needs of almost all the smart devices, and it can support about +30 smart devices and provides to each of them a super-fast internet connection by reducing latency. This is done by its high-speed processing CPU, advanced technology, solid hardware, and a feature of bandwidth prioritization.

AC10U comes with a high-speed performing 1 GHz CPU with a 28 nm process. This CPU makes it efficient to allow excellent data processing and energy conservation capacity. With this, you can enjoy playing heavy pine games without any lag in your gameplay.

This advanced technology is there to help you control the spread of your internet connection. You can easily lock on to your WiFi to prevent its spread in all directions and can direct it to certain specified devices of your choice. With this feature, you can direct your WiFi to your smart gaming device only so that wherever you go in the house, the wifi will be focused on your device only.


For gamers, internet speed is one of the most leading issues for their disturbing gameplay. However, this router has taken care of all the internet related needs of gamers and allows them to feel greater enjoyment, pleasure, and thrill while playing their most favorite game.

  • Dual-band.
  • Perfect for gamers.
  • Reduced latency.
  • Ultimate coverage.
  • A bit expensive.
Frequency 5 GHz
Weight 2.25 pounds
Dimensions 9 x 5.7 x 8.7 inches
Data Speed 1000 MBPS

WAVLINK is famous for introducing super-fast and actively performing routers that are perfect for gamers to handle more efficient and successful gameplay.


Coming with multiple features, this router is designed to excite the gamers each time they try their hand at their favorite gameplay while connected to this router. With its ultimate speed, extra-wide range of coverage, multiple device connectivity options, and advanced MU-MIMO technology, it has now become the favorite of almost all gamers.

WAVLINK is equipped with Broadcom 4709 chip and high-quality Beamforming antennas that entertain you with super-fast internet speed and at a much larger distance than you can ever imagine. It spreads the WiFi all over the home so that all the dead points are eliminated, and you are provided with a greatly performing internet connection.

With this newest and advanced technology, the capacity of your modem gets increased, and it allows even more devices to connect with it simultaneously without making any lag in the connection for others.

Gaming is all about fun and excitement, so how about a router that furthers adds to your enjoyment and fun? This gaming router is exclusively designed to provide you with an uninterrupted game-play with the help of its Dynamic QoS that prioritizes your device connectivity over the others.

This extraordinary router has an LCD display on the top of it, which shows six features like speed, weather report, wifi info, router info, port info, and device list.

The router is dual-band: 2.4G (1000Mbps) and 5G (2166Mbps), so it provides you with a high premium speed of up to 3200 Mbps for online gaming, streaming, and other activities.

This feature of the router helps you to control your child’s online activities and can very easily manage their internet usage time. Also, you can filter any inappropriate content to get introduced to your child by simply blocking the website.

This router is supported with a built-in Broadcom 1.4GHz dual-core main processor to provide it with a much better performance. This processor can intelligently handle the bandwidth distribution.


WAVLINK is not an ordinary router, but it comes with 26 features that keep you satisfied with its performance. For gamers, it may prove to be the right choice if they want to play their favorite game with an increased and non-lagging internet speed.

  • Extraordinary performance.
  • Advanced technologies.
  • Multiple features.
  • Perfect speed.
  • Greater Coverage.
  • Not much rated.