Best Motherboards for Core i7 8700K

Top 5 Best Motherboards for Core i7 8700K – Reviews & Comparison

Best Motherboards for Core i7 8700K – Top 5 Picks

Intel shook the entire gaming community with their new 8th gen i7-8700K processors. However, some users have reported that their motherboard doesn’t support the new processor or simply get the “No CPU found” error. In any case, you need to ensure that your favorite motherboard is fully compatible with 8th generation Intel processors before ordering one. This article will provide the available options you have for the best motherboards for i7 8700k and even higher.

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Intel Core i7-8700K is perhaps one of the most expandable processors ever. It has 6-cores, 12 threads, and a base frequency of 3.70 GHz. But that’s not the most impressive reason to buy the new Intel 8th gen. This processor supports up to 128GBs of RAM in four memory slots, and the integrated graphics chip Intel® UHD Graphics 630 can expand up to 64GBs respectively. In short, Intel 8700k is surely the best thing that can ever happen to your gaming PC and your Workstation.

All motherboard brands are reliable and durable. It is not right to provide a biased review just to make sales. However, every motherboard has a unique compatibility set, and you can truly get the max performance if you follow their guide. Therefore, you need to understand the capabilities as well as the compatibilities of any motherboard and compare it with your specs before actually buying it.

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Best Motherboards for Core i7 8700k – Summary

Best Motherboard for High-end Setups1. ROG Strix Z590-A GamingROG Strix Z590-A GamingSEE ON AMAZON
Best Motherboard by MSI3. MSI MPG Z390 Gaming PRO CarbonMSI MPG Z390 Gaming PRO CarbonSEE ON AMAZON
Best Motherboard for AIO Water Cooling4. ROG Maximus XIII Hero Z590ROG Maximus XIII Hero Z590SEE ON AMAZON
Best Motherboard for Overclocking5. ASUS TUF Z390-Plus GamingASUS TUF Z390-Plus GamingSEE ON AMAZON
Best Motherboards for Core i7 8700k – Summary

Quick Shopping Tips!

When it comes to choosing the best motherboard for your setup, you have to look at every aspect to get the maximum output. The system can’t perform well unless the hardware specifications are supported at the max frequency. Moreover, incompatible motherboards provide a buggy experience most of the time. Here are a few factors that you should consider when choosing a motherboard:

Processor Socket and Architecture:

The processor socket determines whether or not your motherboard is compatible with your processor at the hardware level. You can choose from LGA, PGA, and BGA processor sockets. Most Intel Core processors use a version of LGA sockets due to the fast performance capabilities and better cooling options. Core i7 8700K uses an FCLGA1151 socket. Therefore, any motherboard that supports the 1151-1200 LGA is compatible with your processor.

The processor’s architecture is another leading factor in determining compatibility. Not every motherboard is suitable for both AMD and Intel processors, i.e., they have different architectures. Intel processors utilize the Skylake architecture, whereas the AMD processors use AM4 architecture. Therefore, make sure to check the socket and architecture capabilities of the motherboard before choosing one.

Form Factor:

The motherboard comes in various sizes or form factors. You can choose from micro-ATX, S-ATX, and E-ATX, and mini ITX motherboard respectively. Each form factor has its own possibilities and limitations. For instance, the E-ATX takes up more space, draws more power, and requires a heavy power supply while offering more ports and slots. Moreover, if you buy the PC case before choosing your motherboard, you don’t have much choice. It is because the size of the motherboard depends on whether or not your PC case is compatible with it. Other form factors include the size of the PSU, GPU, Cooling fans, Case fans, and AIO unit.

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RAM Speed:

RAM speed plays a vital role in increasing or decreasing your system performance. According to benchmark results, a system that provides a 6215 score with a 2400MHz ram will provide a near 6300 score with a 2800MHz ram. However, the price difference between the different Ram speeds is significant. For instance, a 16GB ram with 2400MHz speed costs around 50$, the same ram will cost near 80$ with a 3200MHz speed. So you need to use a Ram with better speed for faster performance, right? No, your Ram speed is only useful if the motherboard supports that much speed. Otherwise, you will never unleash the true potential of your gaming rig.


People just can’t get enough of the graphics and visual effects. For that purpose, you need a faster graphics card with every new game release. Not necessarily! You can use two same graphics cards to get double the performance that not even the latest GPU can provide. Therefore, if you are a tech-enthusiast, you should get a motherboard that provides multi-GPU support. Moreover, it is crucial to check whether your GPU is crossfire or SLI and if the motherboard is actually compatible with the multi-GPU architecture.

The Number of Slots:

The motherboard has a modular structure with several slots of the different components. This structure makes it easier for you to replace and upgrade your components without any problem. Moreover, you can double the performance by keeping your previous components and adding new ones if they are compatible. So, what did you learn? You can double your performance with double components, which means you need extra slots in the motherboard. The PCI slots can be used for all sorts of upgrades from GPU (Keep your GPU cool) to your sound and WIFI cards. Moreover, the M2 and SATA slots provide you the space to add several Terabytes of storage to your PC without compromising on the speed.

Additional Features:

It all comes down to the unique features that your motherboard will provide you. For example, some motherboards have onboard RGB, while others have a powerful yet easy-to-understand BIOS. In any case, at least one of the unique features will surely attract you to the motherboard. Furthermore, some motherboards even offer built-in WIFI cards and Sound cards so that you don’t have to spend the extra money. All-in-all the additional features offered by any brand are provided to make your life easy and every purchase an intelligent one. You just have to consider what you want from the motherboard and start looking for the best suitable options.

Motherboards for Core i7 8700K At a Glance:

Best Motherboards for Core i7 8700k Reviews

1. ROG Strix Z590-A Gaming Best Motherboards for Core i7 8700k
1. ROG Strix Z590-A Gaming (Image credit: Amazon)

1. ROG Strix Z590-A Gaming

Best Motherboard for High-end Setups


Form Factor: S-ATX | Socket: LGA 1200(Intel 11th/10thGen) | M2/ NVMe SSD slots: 3 | RGB: Yes | RAM: 128GB, 5133MHz DDR4

REASONS TO BUY ROG Strix Z590-A Gaming

✓ Heavy-duty build

✓ Best for gaming and rendering.

✓ It doesn’t overheat

✓ Built-in extension headers

✓ Multiple PCIe slots


✗ The Lan port sometimes causes driver issues.

No products found.

Are you looking for the most powerful motherboard in the market? Well, if the price isn’t an issue and you just want to make the ultimate beast of a PC, then ROG Strix Z590-A Gaming is the best motherboard for i7 PC gaming. It has tons of great features and a wide range of compatibility that will make this motherboard last for a very long time.

The Asus Republic of Gamers Strix is surely the motherboard of the future. It is one of the few products to offer all-in artificial intelligence-based motherboards for Intel Core processors. The AI-based model ensures AI-cooling, AI overclocking, AI noise cancellation, and AI networking. In short, you don’t have to worry about ruining the PC anymore because the Z590-A has got your back, your front, and all other angles. You also get 5-way optimization for dynamic control with this motherboard for ease of use.

This ATX motherboard provides the support of several years on its back. I know that you just want a motherboard for your 8th gen processors. So, why should you buy an 11th gen motherboard? Surely, you will want to upgrade to the latest generation in the near future, and at that time, you won’t need to replace the motherboard because you already have the best one.

What’s more? This motherboard features a header for water-pump and CPU fan extension header on the go. It means you can install up to 240mm AIO water-cooling system without making alterations to the motherboard. Similarly, the dual M2 heatsink increases your hard-drives health and lifespan by minimizing the chances of overheating and jamming in the disk plates. In short, if you are looking for a smart Asus motherboard, this product is the most intelligent one that you can get with a well-justified price tag.

2. GIGABYTE Z390 AORUS PRO Best Motherboards for Core i7 8700k
2. GIGABYTE Z390 AORUS PRO (Image credit: Amazon)


Best Motherboard for Budget Builds


Form Factor: S-ATX | Socket: LGA 1151-V2 | M2/ NVMe SSD Slots: 2 | RGB: Fusion | RAM: 64GB, 4400 MHz DDR4


✓ Stable BIOS

✓ Ultra-fast WIFI

✓ 360 Armor protection

✓ Smart fan 5

✓ RGB fusion

✓ Supports 8th and 9th gen


✗ The color scheme is the only negative point. It seems a bit odd for some PC builds.

No products found.

GIGABYTE has set the trend to produce different variants of the same model for the different tastes of people. For instance, the M series is for a compact system particularly useful for business use. Similarly, the Pro or professional series is for gaming enthusiasts and high-end PC builds that don’t say no to anything. If you want to build a system that makes the most out of the i7 8700k, the GIGABYTE Z390 AORUS PRO is the best option for you.

The enhanced VRM design of the AORUS Pro provides the fastest WIFI connection ever in any onboard WIFI chip. The overall connectivity performance is much more stable than the ROG Strix Z590-A Gaming. Similarly, the Gigabyte Lan drivers are optimized for Windows 10 & 11, so you will experience little to no crashes on the go.

It uses a 12+1 phase digital CPU power and extra CPU solid pins to perfectly support the 8th and 9th gen processor architecture. Another great way to increase your system performance is to maintain a cool temperature even if you play games that are demanding. The advanced smart fan five solutions provide different temperature sensors at multiple locations to let you know exactly which component is causing the problem.

The Z390 Pro AORUS is built for the perfect combination of performance and budget-friendliness. It is a suitable motherboard for up to 9th generation processors and offers enhanced cooling features. For instance, if you love more and more storage, then the Z390 Pro can support up to 10000 TB without any problem. However, you will have to provide additional cooling to keep the hard drive’s temperature well under control.

AORUS Z390 chipset comes with the sturdy build quality that makes it a durable motherboard. Some people think that motherboards don’t have to be sturdy. In reality, your PC will only last longer if the foundation is long-lasting. Each component of the AORUS Pro motherboard is protected by a special layer that protects the sensitive components like the processor, GPU, RAM, SATA, and PCIe armor. It ensures that none of your hardware is prone to any potential damage due to impact or irregular movement.

3. MSI MPG Z390 Gaming PRO Carbon Best Motherboards for Core i7 8700k
3. MSI MPG Z390 Gaming PRO Carbon (Image credit: Amazon)

3. MSI MPG Z390 Gaming PRO Carbon

Best Motherboard by MSI


Form Factor: S-ATX | Socket: LGA 1151-V2 | M2/ NVMe SSD slots: 2 | RGB: Mystic Light | RAM: 128GB, 4400 MHz DDR4


✓ Built-in I/O shield

✓ Nahimic 3 Audio Boost

✓ Mystic Lighting

✓ M2 Shield Frozr

✓ Voltage regulator

✓ Dual GPU support

✓ Overclocking optimized


✗ It doesn’t come with a Built-in WIFI card, and you need to purchase it separately.

No products found.

MSI MPG Z390 Gaming PRO Carbon AC remains at the top of the list for several reasons. It provides the most stable structure with a huge compatibility list for all products. This motherboard is for my personal use, and I am 100% satisfied with it. If you want the best budget motherboard without compromising on performance, then the Z390 Carbon AC will not fail to surprise you.

One thing that I find quite attractive in this motherboard is its brilliant black color scheme. Black is one of the few universal colors that go well with almost every RGB customization. As a result, it feels like a bat-mobile that can become an inseparable part of every shadow. This feature alone gives the motherboard the upper hand over Gigabyte AORUS and several other similar motherboards.

The motherboard was released with the most powerful Core i9 in mind, and it became famous instantly. Everyone is inspired by the stability and BIOS support that this product provides. For instance, you can upgrade the processor generation from 7700K to 8700K without having to mingle with the BIOS because it will automatically detect your hardware. This provides a more optimized experience for all sorts of hardware that you use.

Another great feature of this motherboard is the dual GPU support. All the GPUs are based on either SLI or Crossfire architecture. Moreover, you can only install two same GPUs and not different models. MSI MPG Z390 Gaming PRO Carbon offers complete support for both architectures along with a dual-channel 4400MHz Ram slots support of up to 128GBs. Similarly, you can install as much storage as you want using the dual M2 slots and 6 SATA slots.

Moreover, you also get the thermal guard technology for sensitive components, including the SATA ports and the M2 Shield Frozr. The Mystic lighting feature only adds to the motherboard’s elegance. You can choose from up to 16.8 million different colors that sync with the music and can be controlled through the smartphone app.

4. ROG Maximus XIII Hero Z590 Best Motherboards for Core i7 8700k
4. ROG Maximus XIII Hero Z590 (Image credit: Amazon)

4. ROG Maximus XIII Hero Z590

Best Motherboard for AIO Water Cooling


Form Factor: S-ATX | Socket: LGA 1200(Intel 11th/10thGen) | M2/ NVMe SSD slots: 3 | RGB: Yes | RAM: 128GB, 5133MHz DDR4


✓ Elegant colors

✓ Aura Sync AI-based motherboard.

✓ Improved cooling system

✓ Up to 11th gen support

✓ Armor shield for M2 and SATA


✗ It is slightly difficult to overclock than the Strix Z590.

No products found.

Asus ROG Maximus XIII Hero Z590 is the second variant of the Asus ROG Maximus series. This variant is slightly inferior to the Strix Z590. However, still, this motherboard has managed to beat almost all other motherboards except the same family. Moreover, the hero series offers much better elegance and several color options than the Strix motherboard. Therefore, if you are slightly short on budget to buy the Strix, you can still get almost similar features at a lower price.

This motherboard belongs to the current pioneers of the market. You can achieve maximum performance from up to 11th Gen processors with this motherboard. So the 8700K compatibility isn’t going to be an issue even for future upgrades. However, the Core i9 processors may still require some BIOS modding. In this regard, the MSI Carbon is still the favored motherboard.

Asus ROG tackles the compatibility problem by including a high-speed onboard WIFI chip. It is the only must-have feature missing from the former motherboard. Secondly, the Maximus XIII motherboard offers perfect ROG aesthetics in terms of elegance. For instance, you can connect all other ROG hardware to the motherboard for a synced RGB experience.

Furthermore, this motherboard offers the same artificial intelligence frameworks as other Asus ROG Maximus motherboards. You can use the AI cooling feature with almost any AIO cooling system. Basically, this system works to provide maximum ventilation in the region where it is needed to conserve energy and maximize the cooling effect. Similarly, the AI noise cancellation ensures that the attached headphones are automatically detected and optimized to provide a fully focused experience.

5. ASUS TUF Z390-Plus Gaming Best Motherboards for Core i7 8700k
5. ASUS TUF Z390-Plus Gaming (Image credit: Amazon)

5. ASUS TUF Z390-Plus Gaming

Best Motherboard for Overclocking


Form Factor: S-ATX | Socket: LGA 1151-V2 | M2/ NVMe SSD slots: 2 | RGB: AURA | RAM: 128GB, 4266 MHz DDR4


✓ Built-in WIFI chip

✓ ASUS TUF components

✓ Affordable price

✓ ASUS OptiMem II

✓ AURA sync

✓ 8-channel HD Audio.


✗ The multi-GPU support is only for AMD crossfire graphic cards

✗ The motherboard is not optimized enough for overclocking

No products found.

The last product on the list is also the best you can get for an overclockable mid-range gaming PC. It offers all the features that you expect at an affordable price without compromising much on the performance and thermal cooling factors. In short, ASUS TUF Z390-Plus Gaming is the toughest motherboard with ASUS promise that you can get.

The motherboard supports up to Core i9- 9th Generation processors without any BIOS optimization. Therefore, your Core i7-8700k won’t face any compatibility issues and will provide maximum performance without any bugs. It seems as if the TUF Z390 is Asus’s answer to MSI boasting about its Core i9 compatibility. Moreover, the TUF Z390-Plus is compatible with Intel UHD graphics. So, you can still enjoy some quality experience with your PC if you can’t afford a graphics card yet.

Similarly, the black and golden color scheme of the TUF Z390 is a bit more elegant than MSI Carbon and Gigabyte motherboards. The golden color perfectly blends with the RGB colors and enhances the vibes. At first glance, no one can tell that the TUF Z390 sits among the budget range of motherboards. Furthermore, the 8-channel HD Gaming soundcard provides the most immersive gaming experience without the need of any external hardware.

Asus TUF products are meant to be the best-armored motherboards in the market. Therefore, the Z390-Plus provides a military-grade toughness by using the iconic TUF Chokes, TUF Capacitors, and TUF MOSFETs. Additionally, you also get a TUF shield and drive-guards to protect your storage devices and other sensitive components from impact damage. The advanced cooling system provides some room for overclocking. However, it is not recommended to overclock the 8th and 9th gen processors without a 240mm AIO water CPU cooler.


To wrap it up, the Intel Core i7 8700K might be the most popular processor from the 8th generation. It provides a higher frequency that can play even the most demanding games. However, you need a compatible motherboard to unlock the true potential and avoid any computability issues. I hope this article has provided an in-depth review of the best motherboards for i7-8700K in 2021.

Overall, the best motherboard for i7 8700k is either the MSI MPG Z390 Carbon Pro for its elegant design, ATX form factor, and enhanced hardware support. However, if you are looking for a complete package at an affordable price, the ASUS TUF Z390-Plus is the perfect choice for the runner-up in the whole list.


What Socket do I Need for Core i7 8700K?

Intel Core i7-8700k uses LGA 1151 rev2 and Coffee Lake memory architecture. All the motherboards provided in this article are compatible with the Core i7 8th gen to Core i9 9th Gen processors.

Can I Play Heavy Games with Core i7-8700K?

Core i7 8700k is one of the most powerful processors of the 8th gen family. It provides an average 3.70 GHz frequency and a Turbo of 4.7 with still some head for overclocking. Therefore, i7-8700k is perfect for playing even the most demanding games of 2021 and later.

What is the AMD Equivalent of intel I7-8700K?

You can’t compare the two processors because they are based on a completely different architecture. Still, in terms of performance, the Intel Core i7-8700K is pretty similar to AMD Ryzen 7 2700x except for a few differences.

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