Best Gaming Mouse for Valorant

Top 10 List – Best Gaming Mouse for Valorant with Buyer’s Guide

Best Gaming Mouse for Valorant with Buyer’s Guide – Top 10 Picks

Getting the best gaming mouse for Valorant is not an easy task. One must go through a long list of mice to pick out the better, most advanced, and exclusive of them with all the features supporting high-profile games like Valorant.

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Valorant is a high-powered shooting game that demands from you a lot of focus, vigilance, and above all, the best gaming techs that can handle it with enough speed and efficiency. Among all the gaming techs, the upgraded mice are important. They come with advanced technology, which provides the speed and makes them capable of handling the game much more effectively than other conventional mice.

How do these best gaming mice for Valorant affect your gaming experience? When the aim is just at the right moment without any delay, then nothing can stop you from winning the round.

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Best Gaming Mouse for Valorant – Summary

Best Wireless Gaming Mouse1. Logitech G ProLogitech G ProSEE ON AMAZON
Best Light-weight Gaming Mouse2. Xtrfy M4 RGBXtrfy M4 RGBSEE ON AMAZON
Best Gaming Mouse For Valorant3. BenQ Zowie S1 SymmetricalBenQ Zowie S1 SymmetricalSEE ON AMAZON
Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse4. Logitech G703 Logitech G703SEE ON AMAZON
Best Budget Gaming Mouse for Valorant5. Razer DeathAdder V2Razer DeathAdder V2SEE ON AMAZON
Light Weighted Gaming Mouse6. Finalmouse x Ninja Air58Finalmouse x Ninja Air58SEE ON AMAZON
Ultralight Weighted Gaming Mouse7. Razer Viper Mini UltralightRazer Viper Mini UltralightSEE ON AMAZON
Best Designed Gaming Mouse8. HyperX Pulsefire SurgeHyperX Pulsefire SurgeSEE ON AMAZON
Comes with Dual Optical Sensor9. SteelSeries Rival 650SteelSeries Rival 650SEE ON AMAZON
Light Weighted Gaming Mouse10. FinalMouse Ultralight 2FinalMouse Ultralight 2SEE ON AMAZ
Best Gaming Mouse for Valorant – Summary

Quick Shopping Tips!

Although we have mentioned almost all of the best gaming mice perfect for Valorant, still there are a lot of things that you have to consider while buying the perfect gaming mouse that can entertain you during your Valorant game round without letting you regret any of the issues

Considering this thing important, we are here with a list of things that you especially need to consider while buying the perfect gaming mouse for Valorant. If you keep these things in mind while buying it, we assure you that you will not have to regret your decision and will enjoy your game with it with greater satisfaction.


While buying the best gaming mouse for FPS games like Valorant, make sure to buy a mouse that comes with an adjustable DPI option. Aiming is crucial in FPS games. Some games require a quick turnaround to make a couple of shots very quickly, and there are some which need a steady aim before shooting. You will require a high DPI; however,

For this reason, you need to consider the adjustable DPI option in the mouse.

Sweat-resistant Coating

Fast-paced games like Valorant require quick movements that may often make your palms sweaty, which can hinder your speed and performance. To avoid this problem, make sure to eye the mouse with a sweat-resistant coating.

Many mice come with holes in their surface to make sure that your palms don’t get sweaty while playing high-speed games like Valorant. Many others have a high friction coating that does not make your hands sweaty. So make sure to make a choice carefully and wisely.

Balanced Weight

Weight is another important factor that you should never ignore in a mouse, especially if you buy many others that have it for a high FPS game like Valorant. The choice of the right completely depends on the individual, but as for guidance, we want to give you a tip while choosing the mouse based on weight.

For Valorant, consider buying a mouse that weighs towards the back-end instead of the front-end. This will provide you with much control over the mouse and ultimately over your performance. You can also consider the mice that come with the removable weight option so that you can customize your mouse according to your own choice.

Wired or Wireless

Although many professionals prefer and suggest the wired mouse for playing games of their choice. However, in recent years the wireless mice have gained much attention. They are perfectly easy to handle, and during the high FPS game that requires a lot of speed and focus, you really focus don’t have time to tackle the wire tangling issues.

For this reason, wireless mice are always a good option to go for. They can be used for any genre, including the FPS. Their DPI (16K in some cases) capabilities are far beyond measures to provide you with extraordinary results and convenience for your Valorant game.


It is another most. Their important thing to consider while buying a perfect mouse for games like Valorant. Greater hand motions are required for lower sensitivity games, so teaming with acceleration is the most important thing.


To gain a slight edge to win the game, you must consider the effectiveness of the sensors that your mouse has. The great sensitivity level of the mouse is important in making it quite efficient in picking up the signals on whatever surface you are using it. There are mainly two types of sensors that all gaming mice have.

Laser sensors are usually installed in the cheaper mice that are a more basic and simpler form of a sensor. They have a projected laser that reads out the surface that you are using. However, there may be some readability issues. These are good when you use smooth mouse pads.

Optical sensors are much more efficient than laser sensors and can scan your surface more accurately than them. The accurate tracking gives them a great edge to be considered the best sensors installed in the best gaming mice for high FPS games, especially for Valorant, which needs much more speed and accuracy than any other game.

So we suggest you go for the mouse that comes with these optical sensors to make your game more comfortable, enjoyable, and, most importantly, responsive.

Best Gaming Mouse for Valorant Reviews

1. Logitech G Pro Best Gaming Mouse for Valorant
1. Logitech G Pro (Image credit: Amazon)

1. Logitech G Pro

Best Wireless Gaming Mouse


Brand: Logitech | Color: Black | Weight: 2.82 ounces | Dimensions: 4.92 x 2.5 x 1.57 inches | Type: Wireless


✓ Powerful sensitivity.

✓ Durable and strong.

✓ Extremely lightweight.

✓ 1-year hardware warranty.


✗ No Cons.

No products found.

Two years of the continuous struggle of Logitech for making a pro gaming mouse having all the essential features which could benefit the gamers have made them introduce to the world this Logitech G Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse. It meets all the standards of top professional gamers. The mouse is well-equipped with the latest technology to provide each Valorant gamer with absolutely high speed and performance.

It is made to feature Lightspeed technology, reduce latency, enhance connectivity and power to provide both the newbies and pro gamers with a super-fast and rock-solid internet connection to enjoy the game.

Logitech G Pro is a wireless mouse with some extraordinary features that all gamers love to enjoy. Like any other shooting game, Valorant is a great game that demands much focus, attention, and vigilance, which can only be possible with the right type of gaming tech. So. This mouse is two years of hard work of professionals and meets all the mentioned standards.

The design is perfect for making you fall in love with it. It is lightweight, making it easy to carry and move during the tensed round of the game. The ultra-lightweight is due to its new and innovative endoskeleton design to make a super-thin but extremely strong and protective outer shell. This shell makes the body weigh almost 80 grams.

Also, its pro-grade performance includes reduced latency and enhanced power to deliver a much faster speed and stable connectivity, which overpowers the performance of all the other traditional gaming mice. The quickness exceeds as much as one millisecond of the report rate.

The mouse’s sensitivity is important that helps you be active and accurate in your actions during the game. With greater sensitivity, your actions will be faster and more precise, so the chances of you winning the game increase manifold. Logitech G Pro mouse comes with a 32-bit ARM microprocessor and provides you an option of the software update to get a 25K sensor, which is perfectly free for all the players to enjoy. Its most amazing and accurate sensor comes with 25,600 DPI, which has almost 10X power efficiency compared to the previous generations. This provides you with the ultimate accuracy and responsiveness in your game.

To provide you with maximum support and comfort during your high-profile tournaments, this mouse comes with the ability to control and handle 50 million clicks in durability. Its Esports pros manufacturing makes it a tournament-ready mouse that you can take along with you anywhere around where the battlefield is set.

Its cable length is almost 1.80 meters and comes with as many as four buttons allowing you maximum customization. The guide also accompanies it, making you effortlessly get through the usage process. Ensure To make you further satisfied with the product and keep you away from wasting your money, Logitech provides you with a 1 year of hardware warranty.

This is a great option for any Valorant lover to go for. Giving it a try can be an awesome experience, and if there exists any issue with the product, then its 1-year hardware warranty is enough to take you out of the trouble. So, for an extremely remarkable experience with your favorite shooting game, we recommend you to step ahead with this item.

2. Xtrfy M4 RGB Best Gaming Mouse for Valorant
2. Xtrfy M4 RGB (Image credit: Amazon)

2. Xtrfy M4 RGB

Best Light-weight Gaming Mouse


Brand: XTRFY | Color: Black | Weight: 0.25 Kilograms | Dimensions: 1.54 x 4.72 x 2.68 inches | Type: Wired


✓ Light-weight.

✓ Powerful sensor

✓ High-quality durable material.

✓ Perfect for Valorant players.

✓ RGB illumination


✗ No Cons.

No products found.

When we think of a single gaming tech that can meet all your requirements of Valorant very easily and perfectly, only this Xtrfy M4 RGB Gaming Mouse comes to our mind. This is one of the most advanced gaming mice that you can have at your gaming desk to make your gaming life-winning, more entertaining, and enjoyable.

Logitech makes some of the best dedicated gaming mouse in the world. However, all their products have a simple design. Alexender the great once said that you win half the battle when you beat the enemy in the mind game. In terms of professional gaming, you can establish fear in the competitor’s heart by showing off your accessories. In this case, Xtrfy M4 is the most stunning RGB gaming mouse on the whole list, with comparable performance to Logitech and half the price.

Its features are perfect for making it fall under the category of best gaming mouse for Valorant. Its lightweight, perfect ergonomic design, easy and strong grip, advanced sensor, durability, and its’ LED illumination during use are its great characteristics for which it is like among most of the Valorant lover’s community.

Manufacturers have taken great care in making this mouse turn out into an extremely lightweight item that is perfectly easy to use and move during the round. No one can ever imagine that such a lightweight mouse can be introduced without compromising its performance, but Xtrfy M4 RGB has proved it. The design is made by keeping in mind the feedback of all the gamers, including the professionals and the newbies, so it meets all their requirements professionally. The lightweight of the mouse is useful to make the swipes during the round much easier and faster.

Along with this lightweight design, the quality of the material is extraordinary to live with you for a longer period of time. Its construction is extra strong and durable; obviously, you would love to have it for your own Valorant gaming experience. The mouse’s shell is important that, despite being lightweight, it provides durability to the mouse. The inner of the mouse is also made with quality components that add much of the strength to the mouse to handle the rough handlings of hard-core gamers. The Omron switches are perfect for providing you with 20 million pro-player optimized clicks.

The shape of the mouse is also attractive to make you fall in love with it. It is made specifically for right-hand users. The glowing inner is undoubtedly attractive. With this RGB illumination, you can easily add your own personal touch to the mouse and enjoy gaming. You can choose your own desired color and also switch between various LED effects to make your house look more attractive just the way you want it. The easy settings of brightness adjustment or completely turning off the illumination .

The M4 comes to provide you a better grip with its matte UV coating and with wit a structure of holes. These holes are useful in letting the air flow through your palm, which makes you more comfortable handling the mouse, even for a much longer period in a day. It glides smoothly over 100% PTFE skates that have rounded edges. An easy glide and movement are always helpful in making a quick move in the game like Valorant.

Valorant is all about shooting and what makes your shooting perfect and makes you stand on top of every gamer is your rate of response. Even a slight late in your response during the game can make you lose the round and your reputation as a gamer. For this purpose, M4 is made to have the highest-performing gaming sensor by Pixart. You can make your own sensitivity settings from 400 to 16000 real CPI. Its polling rate ranges from 125-1000 Hz, and IPS is 400. These figures are enough to justify it as one of ghe5 best performing and sensitive gaming mice that is perfect for Valorant.

Lighter weight never always means a compromise on quality, at least not in the case of M4. It is a featured pack mouse made to take care of all the requirements of gamers. Whether you are a professional or a newbie, if you have decided to buy this mouse be completely confident that it is a perfect mouse for all types of gamers, especially Valorant players.

3. BenQ Zowie S1 Symmetrical Best Gaming Mouse for Valorant
3. BenQ Zowie S1 Symmetrical (Image credit: Amazon)

3. BenQ Zowie S1 Symmetrical

Best Gaming Mouse For Valorant

SPECIFICATIONS BenQ Zowie S1 Symmetrical

Brand: BenQ | Color: Black | Weight: 9.6 ounces | Dimensions: 4.96 x 2.4 x 1.5 inches | Type: Wired

REASONS TO BUY BenQ Zowie S1 Symmetrical

✓ Adjustable DPI. Affordable.

✓ Amazingly compatible with the requirements of Valorant.

✓ No drivers needed.

✓ Perfect 3360 sensors.

REASONS TO AVOID BenQ Zowie S1 Symmetrical

✗ Less prominent clicks.

No products found.

Most people prefer to have a mouse that comes with a space between the back and the palm edge of the mouse to get a more comfortable vertical movement. This mouse is perfect for fulfilling this requirement.

Gaming mice are all about looks, performance, and grip. The better grip you have on the mouse, the faster you can aim and shoot. In this regard, BenQ Zowie S1 is the perfect ergonomic mouse for people with small hands. The symmetrical design is far more superior to Xtrfy M4 as it provides better grip and control over the movement. Moreover, you don’t need to buy a special mouse pad as it goes well with virtually every pad in the world.

A shorter overall length, an attractive black coating, a concave curve design, symmetrical right-handedness, 3360 sensors, DPI adjustment, and adjustable USB report rate are some of the great features that make it best suited for Valorant.

It comes with a with n amazing shorter overall design to provide you great and enhanced palm support and a perfectly free vertical hand movement. Its design is such that the mouse cable attachment is raised at a certain angle that diminishes the chances of it being dragged to the mousepad that may hinder your perfect performance.

The raised front end of the mouse effectively provides you more space to place your fourth finger on the top. This enables you to have a much stronger grip on handling your mouse, and the chances of you playing the game more comfortably increase manifold.

You never need any additional drivers or software for this mouse to operate with your gaming PC normally. A simple plug-in will work perfectly, and your mouse will run amazingly for your FPS Valorant game.

Sensors are important in every mice because they let them feel the surface you are using, enhancing their response time. This gaming mouse comes with a 3360 sensor, which is quite effective in increasing its response time, and it amazingly provides you an edge to win the game easily.

Another great thing about this mouse is that it comes with an option of adjustable DPI option. According to your game requirements, you can adjust the DPI at 400, 800, 1600, or 3200. However, for Valorant, we suggest you go for 400/800 DPI adjustment as it works perfectly well with this game.

Nothing to doubt more about the item is left as it also provides you a complete 1-year hardware warranty. So, whenever you find any issue with it, you can contact the manufacturers and change it just as per your requirements and needs.

This is a good mouse for Valorant as it has multiple features that are perfectly compatible with the game. Any slight mistake in selecting the wrong mouse can make your gaming experience frustrated and full of loss. We recommend you consider this mouse to avoid any issues.

4. Logitech G703 Best Gaming Mouse for Valorant
4. Logitech G703 (Image credit: Amazon)

4. Logitech G703

Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse


Brand: Logitech | Color: Black | Weight: Not Mentioned | Dimensions: Not Mentioned | Type: Wireless

REASONS TO BUY Logitech G703

✓ Great customization.

✓ Unmatched performance.

✓ Adjustable DPI feature.

✓ 6 programmable buttons for easy handling.

✓ Outstanding comfort .


✗ Lightings and idle mode drain battery.

No products found.

When you have made up your mind to buy an ultimate performing gaming mouse that can exceed all your expectations, then you can turn to this G703 Mouse by Logitech.

G703 is a wireless mouse that features great button responsiveness, lightning-fast speed, accuracy, and unmatched power to keep you winning in the game all the time.

No one can produce better gaming mice than Logitech. Their secret is to spend less on decoration and more on performance and optimization. For instance, not even BenQ Zowie can beat the features of the Logitech mouse software. Similarly, the wireless function and extreme accuracy make the G703 one of the few real gaming mouse in the world.

During your high-pressure gaming round, latency and responsiveness can be the factors deciding your loss or win. The lesser the latency greater will be the responsiveness, and the greater the latency, the lesser will be the responsiveness. G703 is made to have an advanced Lightspeed wireless technology that enhances the performance of your mouse by reducing the latency as much as greater than your expectation.

The mouse is greatly admired by all the professional Valorant gamers, especially for its PMW3366 gaming optical sensor. This sensor is famous in the market for its zero smoothings, acceleration, or filtering across the whole DPI range, i.e. (200-12,000 DPI)

The design is undoubtedly great to admire. It is extremely light in weight and allows you to completely mold your hands around it for increased comfort during the gameplay. It has rubber grips on both the left and the right sides for increased control over the body.

It works great with the POWERPLAY wireless charging system that keeps your mouse charged whenever you are playing or keep it at rest. In addition to it, the mouse has an advanced button tensioning that uses metal springs to keep both its right and left click ready to click so that you don’t have to put in a lot of force while pressing the buttons when you need it. This feature is useful in delivering exceptional click feel, quick response, and unmatched consistency.

You can now easily plug in the charging and data cable to switch it between the wired and wireless modes without affecting your game. However, you need to use the USB adapter that will help you keep the lightspeed transceiver to switch the modes between wired and wireless quickly.

Also, the mouse has 6 programmable buttons to help you easily use them for the rapid sequencing of clicks and keystrokes during the game to simplify for you the complex in-game tasks.

To conclude, for this gaming mouse, we found it perfectly extraordinary for Valorant due to the features mentioned above. Buying this to have an ultimate gaming experience can be a great advantage for you over your opponents and teammates also.

5. Razer DeathAdder V2 Best Gaming Mouse for Valorant
5. Razer DeathAdder V2 (Image credit: Amazon)

5. Razer DeathAdder V2

Best Budget Gaming Mouse for Valorant


Brand: Razer | Color: Classic Black | Weight: 6.4 ounces | Dimensions: 2.87 x 5 x 1.69 inches | Type: Wired

REASONS TO BUY Razer DeathAdder V2 

✓ Best design.

✓ Powerful technology.

✓ 8 programmable buttons.

✓ Ultimate control.

✓ Long term support.

REASONS TO AVOID Razer DeathAdder V2 

✗ Software is needed to make it work properly.

No products found.

Dedication and passion for winning can help you greatly in winning your online game but what matters the most is the right gaming techs that are compatible with your strengths. This gaming mouse is made especially to support you during your FPS games like Valorant and never let your weaknesses overcome your passion in the game.

If any brand can beat Logitech in the gaming mice, it is definitely Razer. The DeathAdder V2 is an improved version with enhanced mouse sensors, fast 20K DPI, and several mouse features. All these traits combine to form the best Valorant mouse. The ergonomic design, medium size, and rubberized side grip make the perfect gaming mouse suitable for hours of gameplay.

It comes with multiple features that make every Valorant gamer fall in love with this mouse. These include up to 20K DPI, optical sensor, advanced RGB chroma lighting, 8 up-to-date programmable buttons, and rubber side grips for additional control, making it a super-fast gaming mouse set. Razer is one of the top-rated and best-selling manufacturers of gaming techs, including keyboards, PC headsets, mice, and PC microphones across the US, with the most extraordinary tracking services and technical support.

With its highly focused 20 K DPI, the mouse is extremely powerful in sensing the small movements immediately and effectively reduces the drifts of the cursor over the screen. Its industry-leading precision is something all the Valorant lovers admire and adhere to.

It comes with 3x faster mechanical switches that replace the traditional switches easily. Its light-beam-based actuation makes it more attractive to be kept on the desk for a much longer period, even if you are not using it for playing the game.

Its 8 programmable buttons work at a speed of light and allow you an effortless press during your game, and they handle all the in-game tasks and other complex tasks without interrupting your game.

It’s Chroma RGB lighting is customizable and supports almost 16.8 million colors that are completely compatible with the aura of your game. The cord is perfectly drag-free and makes it feel like a wireless mouse. Its Speedflex cables are effective in eliminating every need of the mouse bungees and drastically reduce the weight of the mouse so that you can drag it during the game easier to get optimal control.

This mouse is amazing in its advanced features and makes a perfect partner for all the Valorant players as it is made to meet up all the requirements of the game especially. Having this mouse as the center of your gameplay during the round can make you win the game.

6. Finalmouse x Ninja Air58 Best Gaming Mouse for Valorant
6. Finalmouse x Ninja Air58 (Image credit: Amazon)

6. Finalmouse x Ninja Air58

Light Weighted Gaming Mouse

SPECIFICATIONS Finalmouse x Ninja Air58

Brand: FinalMouse | Color: Red | Weight: 6.4 ounces | Dimensions: 7 x 4.7 x 2.7 inches | Type: Wired

REASONS TO BUY Finalmouse x Ninja Air58

✓ Lightweight.

✓ Advanced technology.

✓ Attractive design.

✓ Great performance.

✓ Perfect for Valorant players.

REASONS TO AVOID Finalmouse x Ninja Air58

✗ Not suited for big hands.

No products found.

While making down the list of all ten best gaming mice for Valorant, we came across this Ninja Air58 gaming mouse, and we found it best suited to all of your gaming needs and requirements.

It features an amazing and advanced technology that has found an everlasting place in the hearts of all gamers. Also, its lightweight and attractive cherry blossom color are advantageous in making it much more appreciable.

Sometimes, you need a plug-n-play gaming mouse rather than the complex software solutions of Logitech and Razer. Although you are missing the additional features like the programmable switches, the ability to just insert the USB cable to use the mouse makes up for the experience. Moreover, the Finalmouse X Ninja is supported by Windows 10 and 11 and Mac and Linux. So, you don’t even need to install the drivers to get this mouse to work.

Its octagonal-shaped perforations make it unique and attractive in its existence. These perforations lessen the mouse’s weight up to a much extent as much as 58g. However, what makes it a perfect mouse for shooting games like Valorant is its crispness in the clicks that is greatly admired by all types of users, especially professionals.

It comes with high-performing sensors that work extremely well in detecting each of your simpler moves very quickly and is surprisingly efficient in response. The shooting games are all about turning around and giving a quick move, so this makes it a great mouse to be used for Valorant.

Its cherry blossom color has already attracted many admirers, and we hope that it is still worthy of attracting more. It looks awesomely great when placed on the desk with all your gaming techs.

It is completely compatible with Laptops and PCs and provides you with optimal performance. For right-handed persons, it might prove to be a great choice if they prefer the lightweight also.

To conclude our thoughts on this gaming mouse, we would just say that it is a remarkable product introduced by FinalMouse for the ease of all the Valorant players who are concerned with their performance in the game.

7. Razer Viper Mini Ultralight Best Gaming Mouse for Valorant
7. Razer Viper Mini Ultralight (Image credit: Amazon)

7. Razer Viper Mini Ultralight

Ultralight Weighted Gaming Mouse

SPECIFICATIONS Razer Viper Mini Ultralight

Brand: Razer | Color: Classic Black | Weight: 4.9 ounces | Dimensions: 4.66 x 2.42 x 1.51 inches | Type: Wired

REASONS TO BUY Razer Viper Mini Ultralight

✓ 6 programmable buttons for effortless control during the game.

✓ Long-term support.

✓ Durable.

✓ Customizable RGB Chroma lighting.

✓ Advanced features.

REASONS TO AVOID Razer Viper Mini Ultralight

✗ The button press is too soft.

No products found.

Weight is indeed a decisive factor of winning or losing for you in the game. This Viper Mini Ultralight gaming mouse is made, keeping specifically the importance of weight in mind.

It comes with the most advancing and upgraded features like super-fast gaming switches, 8500 DPI optical sensors, Chroma RHmGB lighting, six most advanced programmable buttons, and a drag-free cord to help your hands control the mouse and move effortlessly on the mousepad.

Razer has been winning millions of hearts with its innovative gaming accessories. For instance, the Viper Mini is a light gaming mouse suitable for small hands. Modern gaming attracts people of all age groups. Usually, the younger players complained that no mouse was small enough to fit their hands. Razer understands the problems of such individuals and provides the perfect grip for smaller hands in its Viper Mini. Furthermore, the rubberized side grips feel much better in our hands than the Finalmouse X Ninja and Logitech mice.

As far as the performance of the mouse is concerned, we have found it most extraordinary among various other mice that are used for Valorant gameplay. The best performance is mainly due to its lightweight, making it easier to handle and control the piece of the mouse pad. This handling is greatly important in being at the top of the shooting games.

With 8500 DPI features a high-profile optical sensor that is great for detecting the movements and being responsive within nanoseconds. The higher the mouse’s response rate during the game, the higher the chances of you winning it.

It also comes with high-performing Razer optical switches, which are faster than the mechanical switches of other traditional mice. These switches use the light beam-based actuation perfectly at a much faster speed, most probably at the speed of light.

Along with these features, this mouse bears almost 16.8 million colors as a feature enabled by its RGB Chroma Lighting technology that is customizable. The upgraded 6 programmable buttons allow you to handle dome most complex in-game functions and other tasks very easily and quickly without disturbing your performance in the game.

Last but not least, it comes with a drag-free cable that makes it feel just like a wireless mouse that you can handle with greater ease. It allows effortless and hassle-free quick movements during the game and helps you be on top of it.

This mouse comes with everything needed to make your Valorant gaming experience much more soothing and comfortable. Its advanced features are something that cannot be ignored, and its black color takes your heart.

8. HyperX Pulsefire Surge Best Gaming Mouse for Valorant
8. HyperX Pulsefire Surge (Image credit: Amazon)

8. HyperX Pulsefire Surge

Best Designed Gaming Mouse

SPECIFICATIONS HyperX Pulsefire Surge

Brand: Hyper X | Color: RGB | Weight: 4.6 ounces | Dimensions: 4.7× 2.5 x 1.6 inches | Type: Wired

REASONS TO BUY HyperX Pulsefire Surge

✓ HyperX NGenuity software for easy customization.

✓ Ultra-light ring.

✓ 16,000 DPI.

✓ 3389 sensors.

REASONS TO AVOID HyperX Pulsefire Surge

✗ Tricky software.

No products found.

Not lagging in the race to meet the standards of the most rated Valorant game, HyperX Pulsefire is an item that cannot be left unadmired. Most of the gamers use this gaming mouse to play all of their favorite shooting games, especially Valorant, a high FPS shooting game.

When all major brands like Logitech, Razer, and Finalmouse were boasting about their advanced gaming mice, HyperX was silently getting to work. Finally, they released their latest Pulsefire Surge for the professional gaming community. It is a mouse optimized for fast-paced shooters like Valorant, CS Go, and COD. It provides a whopping 16k DPI without losing any of the advanced features. All this and still HyperX Pulsefire is almost $100 cheaper than Logitech and Razer gaming mice.

Its features include a light ring, 360 degrees RGB effects, 3390 optical sensors, 16,000 DPI effects, purely reliable Omron switches, 50 million clicks support, and an easy customization option. All of the features make it stand prominently and with confidence among the list of top 10 best gaming mice for Valorant.

Its 360 degrees RGB effects in its lightweight ring is a great thing to have if you love to play in the dark. The lightweight is effective in letting you move it through your mousepad easily. These quick moves are important in all the high FPS shooting games, especially the Valorant. However, on the other hand, its RGB effects make your mouse look more attractive and impressive.

The 3389 sensor technology helps the mouse to detect your quick small movements through the mousepad easily and enables the mouse to be much responsive when you need it. DPI is important in shooting games, so this mouse is useful if you use it for playing Valorant as it comes with up to 16,000. To keep you satisfied with its durability and long life, it has reliable Omron switches, which are exclusively perfect to handle 50 million clicks.

To amaze you and ease your difficulty setting up and customizing the mouse, it comes with HyperX NGenuity software that makes it extremely easy to customize your mouse just the way you want it.

The mouse is made to have an exclusive onboard memory that stores customizations, and its large skates make it smoothly glide over the surface of your mouse pad. These features are something that no gamer can avoid having included in their mouse set.

This makes a great choice for all the Valorant lovers as this is made carefully to contain all the features that benefit the games during this game; quick moves, advanced sensors, perfect DPI, and all of the others.

9. SteelSeries Rival 650 Best Gaming Mouse for Valorant
9. SteelSeries Rival 650 (Image credit: Amazon)

9. SteelSeries Rival 650

Comes with Dual Optical Sensor

SPECIFICATIONS SteelSeries Rival 650

Brand: SteelSeries | Color: Black | Weight: 5.8 ounces | Dimensions: 2.69 × 5.15 x 1.7 inches | Type: Wired/Wireless

REASONS TO BUY SteelSeries Rival 650

✓ 24 hrs long term battery.

✓ Perfect size.

✓ High-quality sensors.

✓ Quality control.

REASONS TO AVOID SteelSeries Rival 650

✗ Not-so-good support industry.

No products found.

Compared with other similar mice for having a great experience in Valorant SteelSeries delivers a great performing mouse in the form of a Rival 650. With much greater advancements in its technological features, it is a good mouse to enjoy your game.

Talking about its features, we feel amazed to discuss their purely progressive nature and systematic provision of performance that takes your game to the best level of precision and accuracy.

It features a Quantum Wireless design, which is there to give 1ms lossless performance. It has a state-of-art lag-free system that delivers to you the optimal performance of up to 1000Hz.

Its 24hrs battery life is great to prompt you to give it a try. Obviously, you would not want a gaming mouse that just stops working in the middle of your round right. However, a great thing for you is that it just takes 15 minutes to get charged to once again provide you with its great performance up to 10+ hours in a day continuously.

You will be completely grateful to know that it has the best performing optical sensors that are regarded as the world’s best sensors to detect the minutest of the movements with a distance of up to 0.5mm. This precise detection provides you a great edge on your opponents and even your teammates and lets you be on top of everyone.

To fit perfectly into your personal preferences, the mouse is made to be personalized with 256 unique centers of gravity configurations that you can tune up easily and seamlessly.

Its ultra-durable gaming switches are made to bear 60 million clicks. The clicks are most direly needed in shooting games, and with such a great upgraded quality click allowance, you can make the most out of your gaming experience.

This is a great opportunity to avail yourself if you really want to have a memorable and enjoyable time with your game. It doesn’t matter whether you play the game for a longer or shorter period; all you will have is a great gaming experience.

10. FinalMouse Ultralight 2 Best Gaming Mouse for Valorant
10. FinalMouse Ultralight 2 (Image credit: Amazon)

10. FinalMouse Ultralight 2

Light Weighted Gaming Mouse

SPECIFICATIONS FinalMouse Ultralight 2

Brand: FinalMouse | Color: Cape Town | Weight: 1.66 ounces | Dimensions: 7 x 5 x 2.5 inches | Type: Wired

REASONS TO BUY FinalMouse Ultralight 2

✓ Ultralight in weight.

✓ Too light for some who prefer heavier mice.

✓ INFINITY SKIN for thickness adjustments.

✓ Great grip.

✓ Perfect aiming.

REASONS TO AVOID FinalMouse Ultralight 2

✗ Too light for some who prefer heavier mice.

No products found.

All the mice from FinalMouse come with infinity skin and have a variable thickness in increments of millimeters. Considering the importance of shape more than that of weight, the shape of this mouse is intentionally designed to benefit all the theValorant lovers.

Its features include infinity skin for durability, 47 grams weight for easy control and movements, and many other new and advanced characteristics that only the best gaming mice for Valorant can have to provide you with much better performance than any other mice in the market.

It can be regarded as the company’s masterpiece that is designed to provide you with much faster speed and performance that maintains your higher ranks in the game. Both the mice Air58 and Ultralight two are perfect if one wants to use them for enjoying their game but specifically combining both of them.

ltralight 2 is extremely lightweight that is a hit to provide you with ease of handling the mouse with greater perfection and move it easily and more quickly across your mousepad to get optimal performance during the round.

Its INFINITY SKIN allows you to effortlessly adjust the thickness of your mouse according to your own choice. Some gamers prefer a thinker mouse, while others prefer to have a much thinner mouse to have full control over its movement.

This mouse is perfect for those who prefer lightweight mice to enjoy their favorite game. The lightweight allows them to move swiftly across the surface and have more control over the movements and performances of the mouse.


We believe that we have successfully listed down the great performing, top-rated, and best gaming mouse for Valorant that you can use to have an exclusive gaming experience. These mice are specifically made for entertaining you during the game and also to keep you more comfortable and at ease with the performance of the product that you have spent money on.

To wrap it up, Razer Viper Mini is currently the best among all the gaming mouses in the world. It offers better ergonomics, faster DPI, and several programmable buttons. So, if budget isn’t a problem, I highly recommend that you get it to complete your gaming setup.

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Why Valorant needs a great quality mouse?

Valorant has gained much attention for some past years. It is a high-profile game that demands a lot from all the competitive gamers. So in this game, your precision matters a lot. To be more precise and accurate in your gameplay, you need a good FPS gaming mouse.

Which sensitivity level is best in Valorant?

Sensitivity completely depends upon the personal preference of an individual. However, it is recommended to play a game around 400-800, which generally falls under the low DPI. This DPI lets you move your hands more swiftly and enables you to make the small wrist movements that are effective in maintaining the aim during the game.

Which DPI is better, low DPI or high DPI for gaming?

DPI, also known and Dots Per Inch. And is a measure of the sensitivity of the mouse. The greater the DPI, the farther the cursor will move on your screen with the small movements. But, a mouse with low DPI has to show greater movements to move similar distances on the screen. Both are good in their own place, but it completely depends upon the type of game you are playing. Some prefer higher DPI and some lower.

What are the helpful tips in buying the best gaming mouse for Valorant?

While buying the best gaming mouse for Valorant, keep in mind the sensitivity, DPI features, mouse coating, weight, wired/wirelessness, and acceleration. Keeping these things in mind will help you a lot in choosing the best mouse for your favorite Valorant game.

Which mouse is better for Valorant, wired, or wireless?

Both of the mice are perfectly great in their own place when it comes to their performance for a shooting game. However, considering the reviews of all the buyers and the professional gamers, we have found out that the wired gaming mice perform much better than the wireless, but this doesn’t mean at all that the wireless gaming mice are not worthy of purchase. They also come with some great features that totally meet the standards of Valorant, especially their wirelessness, which lets you make some quick moves that are direly needed for it.

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