AMD Ryzen 7 3700x

The first-ever component within a PC build that every gamer is obsessed to think of having at its best is the processor. When you have $1000 in the budget, you must think of getting a processor that is not only good in its performance and quality but also in price so that it gets complementary to the complete build you are looking for. 


The features of this processor are worth admiring and help to get categorized among the world’s best and most leading processors on sale within the gaming community. Including from its design, components, and performance to its price and durability, everything is just as amazing as you would have always wished to have it in your life. 

Firstly, the processor is known to deliver ultra-fast 100+ FPS performance, which is undoubtedly regarded as the world’s most preferred performance for supporting high-profile online games. 

Gamers are just so obsessed with their PC builds and the performance they will provide to them so that they can showcase the best of them during the game. This is why we have mentioned this processor at the top and as a sole choice to be set up within PC system, as it is known for providing the best-ever performance and speed of all time: just complementary to the gamer’s gaming needs. 

Then, just to clear up your mind of any confusion related to its components and other parts, let us tell you the processor is highly competitive among a wide range of processors in the gaming world. Its 8 cores and 16 processing threads make it rank among the world’s most admiring and best-selling processors among the gaming community. 

In addition to it, to provide it a subtler and attractive look, the manufacturers have added in it a premium quality AMD Wraith Prism cooler with color-controlled LED support. It makes your processor look more attractive and up-to-date in style. 

Along with this, the processor is known best for providing 4.4 GHz of maximum boost for overclocking. It helps it to support 36 MB of game cache DDR4 along with 3200 MHz system memory specifications. With this support, you get to store more data into your build and install a greater number of games of your choice. 

Lastly, this processor is made to support PCIe 4 0 that comes installed on X570 motherboards. The reason for this support is probably it's having an advanced AM4 socket platform that is made to go perfectly with such motherboards. 


All these features combine to make this processor a great unit to buy. It completes your advanced-level PC build and enhances its performance up to much extent. You will get to enjoy more of its features when you pair it with the best compatible components within your complete gaming build.

  • Fantastic chip
  • No need to overclock
  • Robust performance
  • No warranty

Asus AM4 TUF Gaming X570

As the processor mentioned above is described to be compatible with X570 motherboards containing PCIe 4 slots, this motherboard is right of such type. You can buy this amazing motherboard to pair it with the AMD Ryzen processor mentioned above. 


Features of this motherboard are perfect to impress a gamer; with its specification and performance, it can immediately catch gamers’ attention towards its purchase. The features of this motherboard greatly complement the features and manufacturing of the processor mentioned above, and hence, is considered as the best partner to go with it, when you are looking to build up a complete and advanced PC system. 

This motherboard comes along with PCIe 4.0 and an AMD AM4 socket just to perfectly pair with the AMD Ryzen processor mentioned above in the list. Along with the above-mentioned Ryzen processor, this motherboard also makes a perfect pair with 3rd Gen AMD Ryzen CPUs and Zen 3 Ryzen 5000. 

Along with these slots and sockets, the motherboard is known for its robust power design that is comprised of 12+2 DrMOS power stages with durable capacitors and premium-quality alloy chokes. These capacitors and chokes make the motherboard reliable for providing enough power to make up an efficient partner of AMD processors, (like the one above) and boosts their performance to the maximum. 

Furthermore, the mobo is featured with an advanced level optimized thermal solution. This thermal solution is comprised of multiple hybrid fan headers, Fanless VRM, fan speed management, and an active chipset heatsink. All these additions combine to make the motherboard enough powerful to normalize the temperature of the complete build that you make along with its installation. 

This motherboard comes along with great support for the best gaming connectivity of all types only to make your gaming experience even more fun and memorable. It comes with support for DisplayPort 1.2 output, HDMI 2.1 (4K@60HZ), dual M.2 slots, front panel USB 3.2 Type-A and Type-C ports, and PCIe 4.0 x4 connectivity to help you enjoy all types of gaming connectivity options. 

What makes this motherboard perfect to be installed in your PC build under $1000 is its advanced noise-canceling Mic Technology and high-quality industry-leading gaming audio support. This gaming audio and noise cancellation technology make you draw even deeper into the action. 

When you install it into your complete gaming build, you will get a professional gaming feel and look out of the system. This is because the motherboard comes along with RGB headers, Aura Sync RGB lighting, and Gen 2 addressable RGB headers. All these additions combine to make the PC customization for you easier and convenient. 


There is no doubt in it that the motherboard is a great choice to go for when you are looking to make up a complete build for gaming within your set budget. However, there is one thing that you must have to keep in mind before ever making use of this motherboard freely, and that is you have to update the BIOS when you pair it with the Ryzen series CPU.

  • Less expensive
  • Versatile gaming connectivity support
  • Easy to update BIOS
  • No M.2 screws included

HyperX FURY Black 32GB DDR4

Next to complement the setup is this set of two DDR4 RAMs. RAMs are considered to be an essential part of any PC build as they help not only the storage increase of the build but also boosts its performance and efficiency of speed with which it supports all your online gaming activities. 


The features of this set go in line with the above-mentioned motherboard and processor: when combined together they make up a great build to support heavy-duty online gaming of all types. Following are some of its impressive features that we think you must need to know before getting it installed within your PC build. 

Foremost, the design of this RAM set is amazing and worth discussing. It comes with an updated, advanced, and premium heat spreader design that enables it to spread heat all around the area rather than confining it to a single area.

RAMs are the most important component within the PC system as it has to work with the data processing. With its ability to process the data fully and efficiently, it makes the PC work even more powerfully, smoothly, and effectively. This processing produces a lot of heat that has to be spread equally around the area to prevent PC from any damage. 

This is where the significance of the design of this set comes in: it spreads heat evenly around the area, keeping the processor from getting over-heated and thus prevents it from any damage in the longer run. 

This set of RAM is extremely cost-efficient and is known best for high-performance and premium quality upgrades. When you buy this set of Ram for your PC build that you are planning to create with the installation of components mentioned in this list, you will the performance of your build getting exceptionally improved. 

The thing that makes it a perfect partner for the components we have mentioned in the list is that it is exclusively made to be compatible with AMD Ryzen processors. Hence, be rest assured, and buy this set of Ram to complete your build in a budget that you have set already. 

Finally, this set of RAM is manufactured to support a maximum speed of up to 3733MHz and a maximum kit capacity of up to 128GB. This makes your PC run at an extremely fast speed without ever showing any lag or stop in its performance while you are busy playing your favorite high FPS online game with your friends. 


RAM is undoubted an essential component of a PC, and when you are getting so many features at such an affordable price, you must not avoid purchasing it. It can make you experience more of what your PC can give you when you haven’t installed it.

  • High-quality memory at a good price
  • Great looking
  • Robust speed
  • Packaging is not so good

Cooler Master MWE Gold 750 V2 Full Modular

A power supply is unsurprisingly one of the most essential components within the PC build. It not only keeps your PC running at a consistent speed all the time but also makes it capable of supporting all types of online games. However, the condition to this is that it must be of high quality (which obviously this one by Cooler Master is). 


Cooler Master is one of the leading brands in the hardware manufacturing market and is known for its quality production. This power supply by Cooler Master is exceptional in not only its performance but the design also. Following are some of its features that you must have a look at to consider for the purchase. 

This power supply is made to deliver highly efficient performance as it comes 80 plus gold certification which means it has the minimum efficiency of 90% in performance. This is the most amazing feature of this power supply as the sole function of any power supply is to deliver the most power to the build; which this power supply is certified to do. 

Additionally, the PSU comes with 2 3 EPS connectors that ensure the current generation compatibility with the motherboard. This PSU goes perfectly with the motherboard we have mentioned in our list as the features go in line with it most dominantly. 

Furthermore, the PSU is made to contain high-temperature resilience as compared to all its predecessors. This temperature difference is almost close to 50 degrees Celsius in total and this is what makes the most efficient and advanced PSU of all. 

Its fully modular flat black cables are introduced for increasing airflow, reducing clutter, and improving thermal performance and overall efficiency. The 120mm HDB hydro-dynamic fan that has the capability of creating less friction makes the PSUs performance go smoother and keeps the noise level down to keep the environment calm. 

The 5-year warranty offer is great to keep you at ease with its purchase: you can return it any time when you feel it not meeting your requirements or lacking in performance. 


The PSU is a great unit that keeps the functionality of the overall build at an enhanced level. Without installing this high-quality PSU, your PC build will remain incomplete and you will always find its performance lacking.

Corsair iCUE 4000X

A PC case is something that can both uplift or degrade the outlook of the build. If you’ve got a great-looking PC case with advanced features, there are more chances that you end up making a build that is innovative, stylish, and most unique among all your friends in your gaming community. If you are desirous of letting this happen to you, consider buying this PC case to give a final touch to your PC build. 


Its features are impressive enough to mesmerize you completely and prompt you for its purchase. You have to read below to believe us: 

On top of that, this PC case comes along with stylish tempered glass that uplifts the complete look of this case. Also, along with this glass, it contains customizable RGB lighting that makes it look even more stylish and attractive when you place it on your gaming desk. This tempered glass showcases the RGB lighting with greater efficiency and thus keeps you more confident in your customized PC setup. 

Then, to make it functionally effective, manufacturers have added in it innovative cable management and concentrated airflow mechanism. This mechanism is added solely to make the case efficient enough to allow a complete and regulated airflow. Also, this mechanism boosts up the front ventilation process that helps to regulate the internal temperature of the system to keep it working at a consistent speed all the time. 

Moreover, the case has pre-installed Corsair 120mm Air Guide RGB fans that utilize anti-vortex vanes only to keep the airflow even more concentrated. This not only enhances the airflow within the system but also prevents it from any damage that can be caused by over-heating. 

Along with these features, this PC case also has a Rapid Route cable management system that makes it more convenient for you to build a professional-looking, immaculate, and advanced-level system that has no mess for the cables: your cables are neatly arranged through a single channel. The 25mm roomy space within the case makes it even simpler for you to arrange your cables to give a tidier look to the interior of the case. 


This is an advanced-level PC case that not only keeps your PC safer from any damage from over-heating but also increases it in its attractive looks. You get to have more confidence in your build and more enthusiasm in your gaming eventually.

  • Great customization support
  • Attractive in look
  • Durable design
  • The front filter is a bit flimsy


In the last, we have this SATA III Internal SSD by Samsung: a brand that is known for its quality. SSDs are essential to consider buying when you want to complete your PC build within $1000. These are the powerful components within the PC that are responsible for storing much of the data and enhancing the speed of the system overall. 


The features of this SSD are worth discussing which are as follows: 

This SSF comes to amaze you with its indisputable performance, compatibility, and supreme reliability. It is manufactured upon Samsung’s pioneering technology that makes it completely different and unique in its existence and functionality. 

The excellence in its performance is achieved mainly through its SATA interface that has a maximum limit of the sequential speed of up to 560 530 Mb in total. This helps the SSD to keep its performance high with a larger variable buffer. 

In addition to it, the SSD has industrial defining reliability: it is made to meet the demands of your PC while it is being asked to perform your tasks including from everyday computing to high FPS gaming or even 8K video streaming. After all, this is what a PC user would always want from its build. 

The most impressive thing about this SSD is that it comes tested for compatibility with almost all major host systems including motherboards, chipsets, processors, and others that we have also mentioned in our list. You don’t have to search for an SSD anywhere else when you are making up a build from our list or even from anywhere else, as it has the capability to pair with them all alike. 

Additionally, this is an easy to upgrade SSD: you just have to simply plug in your 870 EVO into a standard 2.5 inch SATA form factor, that you will find easily on your PC desktop, and you will see the renewed migration software taking over the rest of the process. 


Based on the fact that this SSD is manufactured with Samsung Magician 6 software, it ensures to help you out in easily managing your device. Not only this but it also helps keep you updated with the latest updates that are necessary for the build to make it efficient in its performance.

  • Quiet working
  • Smoother performance
  • Long-lasting
  • A bit expensive than other power supplies in the market