Best Thermal Pads for GPU

Top 5 Best Thermal Pads for GPU

Top 5 Best Thermal Pads for GPU

GPU of any computer or laptop is extremely important as it accelerates the graphics rendering. It is one of the most powerful parts of your computer or laptop that can process the widest range of data simultaneously. This helps your machine to get more users for your daily heavy-duty operations like video editing, machine learning, and various other gaming applications. However, to make these GPUs work efficiently, you must have to install some best thermal pads for the GPU that can extract any extra heat and make them capable of performing all the mentioned processes.

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Thermal pads are the most effective solid materials that extract the heat from the components of your device and help it remain cooler for better performance. These pads become softer at high temperatures and hence are capable of filling the imperfections in the component’s surfaces and thus provide them with better conduction qualities. 

In this guide, we have included the five best thermal pads that you can use with the heatsinks of your systems to get efficient cooling for them.

Best Thermal Pads for GPU  – Reviews

ARCTIC Thermal Pad Best Thermal Pads for GPU
1. ARCTIC Thermal Pad (Image credit: 

1. ARCTIC Thermal Pad


✓ Excellent cooling

✓ Great shock-pads replacements

✓ Adhere strongly


✗ A bit pricy

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Getting your laptop over-heating every time? No worries! Get this thermal pad for its optima; cooling features. This thermal pad can make the components of your device work at the normal temperature that is important to maintain for any working machine. When you apply this thermal pad to the GPU of your laptop, you will witness amazing results for temperature maintenance. 

This thermal paste is formed from silicone and an amazingly unique filler that offer a premium conductivity of almost 6.0 W/mK. You will not find this level of conductivity in any other normal thermal pad; hence this pad outperforms every other thermal pad in the market. 

Moreover, this thermal pad is highly compressible and had low hardness: this enables the pad to work efficiently to fill the gaps, bridge uneven surfaces, and even the rough surfaces that promote the over-heating within the system. 

The best thing about this thermal pad is that it does not contain any metallic particles. It is non-capacitive and highly electrically isolating. This makes it extremely safe to install in the components, as even it gets any contact with the electrical traces, it will not cause any damage to your system ever. 

If you are now thinking about its application process, let us tell you it is extremely simple that even the beginner user can do it most conveniently. You can add this thermal pad yourself at your home, and whenever you feel the need to remove it, all you have to do is simply remove it back and reposition a new pad in a better way. 

This thermal pad comes in 50 x 50 x 1.0 mm pf size with 6.0 W/mk thermal conductivity. This helps it to remove the heat from the components of your laptop up to much extent. Also, it comes with 25 Shore 00 hardness to is easy to handle and apply and also offers filling up any gaps to eliminate the over-heating.

Iceberg Thermal DRIFTIce Best Thermal Pads for GPU
2. Iceberg Thermal DRIFTIce (Image credit: 

2. Iceberg Thermal DRIFTIce Thermal Pad


✓ Works better at varying temperature ranges

✓ Avoids heat loss efficiently

✓ Long-lasting


✗ Extremely delicate, so it is difficult to handle

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Then in the list, we have this thermal pad by iceberg thermal that comes non-electrically conductive and with a maximum thermal conductivity of almost 13W/mK. It is an amazing thermal pad that comes to fill in all the air gaps in the surfaces and to provide precisely and even contact between components to avoid any heat loss.  

You can apply this thermal pad on the GPUs, VGA cards, Notebook PC Components, RAM, and SSDs to get the optimal performance all the time. It works really well in transferring the heat away from the surfaces. 

This pad is made to last longer for years, remain flexible without ever being corroding or hardened. The best operating temperature for this thermal pad ranges from -40℃ to 200℃. So, it has strong power to withhold with varying temperature ranges under any circumstances.

Innovation Cooling Graphite Best Thermal Pads for GPU
3. Innovation Cooling Graphite
(Image credit: Amazon)

3. Innovation Cooling Graphite

REASONS TO BUY Innovation Cooling Graphite

✓ Durable and long-lasting

✓ Reusable

✓ Powerful performance

REASONS TO AVOID Innovation Cooling Graphite

✗ The pad is slick

No products found.

The next thermal pad on our list is this Innovation Cooling Graphite Thermal pad that is known best for its highly attractive features. It comes with a conductivity of almost 35W/m-k. This helps the pad to become highly efficient to reduce the heat loss that causes your system to overheat under heavy working conditions. 

This thermal pad is made to contain premium durability: it comes with a dry solution that has almost zero levels of liquids. This makes the pad long-lasting and durable as it doesn’t bake or pump out like any other regular thermal compound. The addition of dry compounds makes the pad stand prominent among an extensive list of thermal pads available in the market. 

Another thing that makes the pad unmatched is its premium temperature range, which is between -200C and 400C. So, the pad is extremely efficient to get hold of its features and efficiency in the widest range of temperature changes within your system. 

The best and most fascinating part of the features of these pads is that they are reusable. You don’t have to spend your money on buying similar pads time and again, as these can be used on multiple builds without any performance loss. 

This is probably the feature that is not commonly found in other thermal pads. The reason for this is that when other thermal pads are once used, they cannot be reused on any other surface as they lose effectiveness in their performance right after their first use.

Thermal Grizzly Minus Pad 8 Best Thermal Pads for GPU
4. Thermal Grizzly Minus Pad 8
(Image credit: Amazon)

4. Thermal Grizzly Minus Pad 8 Thermal Pad

REASONS TO BUY Thermal Grizzly Minus Pad 8

✓ Strong termination 

✓ Affordable 

✓ No signal loss 

REASONS TO AVOID Thermal Grizzly Minus Pad 8

✗ No cons found 

No products found.

This thermal paste comes in with the perfect 120mm x 20mm dimensions that make it just in the right proportions to fit any build. When you get a thermal pad with the right dimensions, you are free of any worry to fit it on different builds when you encounter the change of plans. 

Additionally, this pad has a thickness of 0.5mm that is perfect for eliminating any heat collection within the system. Any additional heat accumulation can make your build extremely hot-leading to overheating issues and even to component failure. For this purpose, installing this thermal pad with this thickness level can greatly help. 

Moreover, this pad by Thermal Grizzly has high elasticity and extremely flexible surface area. Along with this, it also comes accompanied by ultra-high thermal conductivity. With these features, the pad becomes highly functional in making your system cooler and working well at any level of temperature. This helps the system to support all your heavy tasks with greater ease. 

This thermal pas is made exclusively in Germany and is introduced to help you out with your system’s over-heating issues. The most amazing this is when you buy this Thermal Grizzly pad, you get 2 of them. So, you can think of it serving for you for a longer period, and when you feel one of them ineffective in performance, you can ultimately make use of the second one.

Gelid Solutions GP-Ultimate Best Thermal Pads for GPU
5. Gelid Solutions GP-Ultimate
(Image credit: Amazon)

5. Gelid Solutions GP-Ultimate

REASONS TO BUY Gelid Solutions GP-Ultimate

✓ Available in different thickness sizes

✓ Excellent performance

✓ Suitable to use on various surfaces

REASONS TO AVOID Gelid Solutions GP-Ultimate

✗ Slightly difficult to handle

No products found.

Then in the last, we have this another most powerful and amazingly working thermal pad that you will definitely like to buy mainly because of its useful features. This thermal pad comes with thermal conductivity of 15W / m-K that is quite enough to help your system to offer optimal performance each time you use it. 

Just like any other thermal pas, this thermal pad is non-electrically conductive, non-toxic, non-hardening, and even non-corrosive. All these features combine to make this pad not only best performing and safe to use but also long-lasting and durable. 

This is an easy-to-use thermal pad that comes with the perfect dimensions of 90×50 that makes it just the right thing to be placed on any build of your choice. It comes with two pcs: so you can remove one and add another when you feel the need. 

This thermal pad is perfect for applying various surfaces like VGA cards, laptops, microcontrollers, SMD components, PCB surfaces, game consoles, and memory ICs. So, whatever surface you want to make in contact with the thermal pad to get effective cooling, you will not find any difficulty doing that. 

This thermal pad comes in different sizes for its thickness: 0.5, 1.0, 1.5, 2.0, and 3.0mm, so you can choose from among it for whatever size you desire for your build.


The best thermal pads for GPUs are not easy to find, and you have a lookout for an extensive list of features to figure out whether the pad is suitable for your build or not. All these above-mentioned pads are amazing and have the powerful feature to support you with making your system highly functional under every circumstance.


Do thermal pads really work?

Thermal pads are the solid materials that are used on the components of your build and ensure the maximum heat loss to leave the components cooler and highly functional. Keeping this in view, thermal pads can be regarded as the best addition-next to thermal pastes- that can help you with the effectiveness of your system.

How long do thermal pads last?

All great quality thermal pads come with a lifetime of almost 1 to 3 years. However, if you are using any ordinary thermal pad, we suggest you replace it with the new one every 6 to 12 months.

Are thermal pads reusable?

There are many thermal pads brands that offer you such thermal pads that you can reuse on some other build. It might be a good idea, but if you want to protect your system from getting any damage, we suggest that you never reuse the thermal pads on your system.

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