Error while communicating with rocket league servers

Error While Communicating with Rocket League Servers

Error While Communicating with Rocket League Servers

Rocket League comes with some most advanced and amazing features that make it the most played game worldwide. It is a vehicular soccer video game that comes to entertain most hard-core gamers without ever making them get bored of the extensive gameplay. Just like some people enjoy it playing most often with their friends and family, some others face error while communicating with Rocket League servers.

This error is basically the trouble in connecting with the Rocket League servers that prevent the gamers from playing the game at all. This issue is common to almost every new user and even some old ones because the servers make it difficult for players to join the game. This server connectivity issue doesn’t occur without any reason but has some solid reasons and causes behind it.

In this article, you will get to know some most common causes that are causing this issue and also the solutions that are helpful in solving the problem.

 So, let’s begin!

How do You Know You are Having Rocket League Server Issues?

There is no hard and fast rule in knowing whether or not you are facing the Rocket League server trouble in your PC: there are some common things/notifications that will help you get to know. Know that you are having Rocket League server issues of you are getting the following messages:

  1. Not Logged in to Rocket League Servers
  2. Unknown errors while communicating with Rocket League Servers
  3. You are currently not connected to the Rocket League Servers
  4. No servers online, Please try again later

When you get these messages, know that you are facing the Rocket League Server issues, and you will have to move towards trying up some solutions in fixing up the issue.

However, before moving ahead to knowing about some solutions to solve the issues and figuring out what might be useful for you, let us first tell you what the main reasons behind occurring of the issue with Rocket League Server are.

What are Some Common Causes of the Rocket League Server Issue?

Following are some most common causes that can make the Rocket League servers not work for you:

1. Performance and Speed Lagging 

Sometimes the internet connection that you are using is not stable and is not enough to provide adequate support to your game. It is, for this reason, you might face the Rocket League servers slowed down to respond to your request.

This lag in internet connection might also occur due to the following reasons:

  • If you are playing the game in someplace where the internet signals can’t reach.
  • If you are using wireless connectivity for playing the game instead of using wired connections.
  • If there are multiple devices connected to your internet device simultaneously
  • If you are playing the game in a restricted internet region.

Figure out what from among the above options might be the cause of your internet lagging and act accordingly to find the solution to the issue.

Rocket League Cache issue 

 Sometimes the cache for Rocket League increases too much that it prevents the servers from supporting the game anymore. When the cache for the game directs the servers to not respond to your demands, you should take out time to get a solution for this.

Outdated Internet Explorer 

Sometimes you are using an internet explorer that is outdated. This outdated internet explorer can showcase some performance issues and thus can make the servers of the Rocket League not responding at times.

Internet Explorer Privacy Settings 

Check whether or not you have issues with the privacy settings of your internet explorer. If you find the settings set too high, then it might happen that it doesn’t support your game to be launched easily. Thus the servers make problems.

Internet Explorer Security Protocol 

If the security protocol of your internet explorer is outdated, it might cause issues for you to play Rocket League.

So, these were some common reasons why the servers of Rocket League offer you connectivity issues while you are trying to join them.

What is the solution, then? You might be taking the problems as enormous and thinking that this might be some professional task to solve them completely. However, this is not the case. There are some simplest solutions that you can try out to making the servers work for you without ever offering you the connectivity issues.

Some Helpful Fixes

As you already know now, what is it that causes the Rocket League server issue on your PC? Following are some helpful solutions that you can use to fix the problem.

Connection Correction 

If you are having the connection lagging problem, the very first thing that you need to do is to check what is the particular reason that is causing it. After identifying, you can go for trying out any of the following solutions:

Change Your Region 

If you are playing in the regions that are farther away, this can lead to packet loss and performance lag. To solve the issue, you must choose the regions that are close and with the best connectivity. Depending upon the region you are currently playing in, and you can change your Casual and Competitive region, Private Match region, and even the Tournament region.

Change Connectivity Type 

Often times you are playing on the wireless connection type without even knowing how much effect can it have on the quality of your gaming. Wireless connections might lag in providing you a strong signal connection (the signals might drop). And thus, the servers, when they do not find adequate connection support, can also lag in responding to whatever you demand.

Wired connections are always better for gaming purposes as compare to wired ones. These reduce the packet loss and any signal loss. So, if you are using wireless connections for playing Rocket League, try substituting it with wired connections.

Check for Multiple Connectivity

If you feel that your connectivity loss is due to multiple device’s connectivities simultaneously on the single internet source that you are using, then you can disconnect all the devices that are connected to it. It will make the performance of your internet device even better and help the Rocket League servers be even more responsive.

Restart The Router 

Sometimes, restarting the router can help you get better connectivity support: it will definitely help you play Rocket League without any lag in the servers.

Delete Rocket League Cache 

When you are facing the server’s response issue because of the cache of Rocket League, then there is only one solution to it: delete the cache. To delete the Rocket League cache, follow the below-given simple steps:

  1. Strop running the Rocket League
  2. Get ahead to the folder icon present on the lower-left corner of the File Explorer, and click on it.
  3. Click on Documents> My Games> Rocket League> TAGame> Cache and then select “Delete.”
  4. Restart your computer
  5. Launch Rocket League again to enjoy it.

Update Internet Explorer 

An up-to-date internet explorer will help you get a good connection that, in turn, will make the Rocket League servers even more responsive. Get the latest version and download it from Microsoft.

Change Internet Explorer Privacy Settings 

Adjusting the privacy settings to medium is one of the best solutions for getting the Rocket League servers efficient. If you want to update the privacy settings, follow these steps given below:

  1. Ensure that the Rocket League is not running
  2. Open Internet Explorer and select Tools.
  3. Select Internet Options>Privacy, and click the Advanced button.
  4. Accept First-party and Third-party cookies and place a check for Always allow session cookies
  5. Save changes.

Upgrade the Security Protocol 

Upgrading security protocol is another way of solving the issue. You can do it through the following steps:

Make sure that the game is not running: close it.

  1. Press the Windows Key
  2. Enter Internet Options using the search bar. Select Content tab
  3. Click the Clear SSL state button and press OK
  4. Select the Advanced tab and look for SSL and TLS by scrolling down
  5. Check for publisher and server certificate revocation: Use SSL 2.0 and SSL 3.0
  6. Check for the TLS 1.0, 1.1, and 1.2
  7. Apply the changes

Some Final Words

So, these were some helpful solutions that you can apply to the issue and know whether the issue gets solved or not. Usually, the error communicating with the Rocket League server is solved by applying the mentioned solution; however, if you have applied all of the solutions and are still getting troubled with connecting with Rocket League servers, then there might be something else that only professional can know. In this case, you have to take your Pc to some professional who can look for the issue and solve it for you.

We hope this article might have helped you with solving your Rocket league server connectivity issue. We wish you luck with your gameplay!

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