Why Cleaning a Gaming Mouse is Important? 

To have a complete gaming experience, a gaming mouse is necessary. Gaming is all about the quick and timely response, and to get it best-performing gaming techs is the key. To keep these techs always perfectly working, cleaning is important.

When you use them for daily gaming, there are greater chances that they get dusted and dirty, and if you do not clean them on time, this dirt gets to settle in the interior and malfunctions them. When these get malfunctioned, all our gaming gets ruined and your chances of being left out greatly increase. 

So, to avoid this issue, it is important that you clean your gaming techs, especially the mouse. When you will clean it on a regular basis, it will not accumulate dirt into it and will provide you greater response time by increased clicks and movements. (Increase your movement by cleaning your keyboard)

After knowing the importance of properly cleaning your gaming mouse, you might want t know the detailed process of cleaning. So, without any further delay, let us move ahead in exploring it! 

Proper Way of Cleaning a Gaming Mouse 

Before moving ahead to explaining the proper way of cleaning a gaming mouse, let me first tell you what you will need for the process so that you might arrange them well before starting it. So, you will need the following things: 

  1. Canned air 
  2. Alcohol wipes/micro-fiber cloth
  3. Toothpick 
  4. Paper towel. 
  5. Toothpick 

now let's get to the steps that are involved in the cleaning process!

Step#1 Unplug your Mouse 

Unplug your mouse

The very first step that you have to follow is free your mouse from any type of connections. If you own a wired mouse, then unplug it from our PC and free it from all the wired connections. Besides, if you have a wireless mouse, then take out all the batteries present inside.

By doing this, you will be prevented from any types of electrical shocks and injuries. 

Step#2 Use Microfiber cloth 

Use microfiber cloth

After that, you make sure your mouse is disconnected from any external circuits or connections; the next step is of deep cleaning. Make sure that you clean all the crevices, cracks, curves and all other parts of the mouse. 

For this, you need to have a microfiber cloth dipped in alcohol. You will use these to clean the cuts and curves of our mouse, and all the dirt will be removed easily and effectively. 

If you are using microfiber cloth dipped in alcohol then have to make sure that this cloth is only damp enough and not dripping of alcohol, as it will eventually malfunction your mouse instead of making it efficiently working once again. 

Step#3 Use Toothpick 

there are many tiny nooks and crannies in the mouse that are needed to be scraped out. If not, this will severely affect its performance. So, by using a toothpick, scrape out any gunks that might be present in the interior. 

However, while doing this, try to make sure that you don't use a toothpick on the actual sensor as you will destroy it and it will destroy the working of your mouse entirely. 

Step#4 Blow out Remaining Debris

After that, you have deeply cleansed your mouse; the next step is to make sure that all the remaining debris is extracted out. 

For this you have to use canned air and blow it out that got loosened by the toothpick. The proper way of using this canned air is that you should use the can from right-side-up so that it should blow the air, not the liquid. 

Step#5 Wipe and Disinfect Your Mouse

Wipe and disinfect your mouse

Now, the only last step left in this cleaning process is to wipe down your mouse to remove the remaining dirt or grease. But, in case of wired mice, we suggest you not to use it inside the battery compartment. 

Along with being a great disinfectant, alcohol wipes don't let the soap water or moisture that you use as a cleanser to drip into your mouse. This is a great advantage as the dripping of any moisture or soap residue inside the mouse can have some severe negative effects of the performance of your mouse. 

Step#6 Assemble your Mouse

now that all the cleaning process is done, you can plug your mouse back to enjoy its performance. However, make sure that everything is dried well-enough before you plug it back. 

This cleaning process is most effective in helping you maintain the performance of our mouse and also to keep it living long, strong and durable. Repeat the similar process one every week to keep your mouse healthy and your best gaming experience intact. 

Cleaning is the best way to make your mouse working efficiently for a longer period, but by maintaining your mouse properly is another way to make it live long. Following are some things that we suggest you should do to properly maintain your mouse.

How to Maintain your Gaming Mouse? 

Following are some steps that you can do to maintain your gaming mouse perfectly: 

  1. make sure that you have washed and dried your hands well before using your mouse after eating. the grease from your food often stays on your hand ad it causes grime to build up in various crevices and cracks of the mouse 
  2. do not drink or eat something near your mouse. This is because if anything is spilt off, it will definitely damage your equipment. So, make sure that that you keep your mouse from getting damaged and dirty by avoiding any such act. 
  3. make it a habit of wiping down your desk and mouse regularly. This will prevent the dirt build-up that happens over time.