Complete Guide on How to Clean your Gaming Keyboard

Complete Guide on How to Clean your Gaming Keyboard

How to Clean your Gaming Keyboard?

Complete Guide on How to Clean your Gaming Keyboard:

Along with all the exceptional needs of hardcore gamers, having the best quality gaming keyboard is also the one. Every gamer has their own preferences for the gaming keyboards; however, there is one thing that is common to all; maintenance. Keeping your Keyboard in good condition and cleaning it often is a great way of keeping it in good condition to serve you with greater efficiency and power.

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Taking these things into mind, we have searched a lot across the multiple sites and ways that demonstrated the proper way of cleaning the keyboards. After going through a lot of data, we have come up with the best way that you can use to clean your gaming keyboard.

Although we have gathered much information that will help you clean your Keyboard easily but, we feel we should start from the basics. So, let us first discuss some features that makes a “gaming keyboard.”

What Makes a Gaming Keyboard?

What Makes a Gaming Keyboard?

Just like any other gaming tech, gaming keyboards are also made to keep the needs, demands, and requirements of the gamers. Just like their high-profile games, gamers demand something unique from their keyboards. So, the inclusion of some features to meet the expectations of the gamers makes these keyboards different from all other ordinary keyboards.

The keyboards, which are specially designed for the gamers, come with media controls, RGB backlights, and programmable keys that allow them to feel completely at ease with their ultimate gaming experience. In addition to these features, these gaming keyboards have mechanical switches that have faster response rates and are much more durable and long-living to handle the rough handling of passionate gamers.

What are the Different Types of Gaming Keyboard?

What are the Different Types of Gaming Keyboard

There are two dominant types of gaming keyboards that you can choose from to enjoy an everlasting gaming experience; a Keyboard with mechanical switches and Keyboard with rubber dome switches. The choice between them greatly depends upon your personal preferences, but there are some most obvious differences between these two keyboards that you must know.

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Why is Cleaning a Gaming Keyboard Important?

When you place your Keyboard in one place use it for a longer period of time, there are 100% chances that it gets filled with dust particles. These dust particles are not good for the health of the Keyboard as it greatly affects its performance. It makes it very hard to press, and it becomes malfunctioned.

Obviously, you would not want to turn out your high-quality gaming keyboard into a useless piece of hardware that doesn’t do its work properly. To avoid this problem and to make your Keyboard working efficiently for a lifetime, cleaning is a must thing.

Cleaning your Keyboard lets it be dust-free, and it makes it quite efficient in its performance. Fast pressing service leads to its great responsiveness and will boost up your gaming experience. After all, this is what all gamers want from their gaming techs.

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What is The Right Way of Cleaning a Gaming Keyboard?

You were cleaning your gaming keyboard in an essential thing if you want it to be more responsive during your game round. So, taking care of the cleanliness of your Keyboard will prevent you from falling into regretful pitches. However, there always a way to do things, and so is for cleaning your Keyboard. Here’s how you do it:

Regular Cleaning

Regular Cleaning

There are many times when you eat near to your gaming keyboards, and this makes small food particles to get stuck into the buttons spaces. To prevent the dust particles and these small food particles from getting accumulated into your Keyboard to hinder its response rate, all you have to do is a light cleaning process almost daily. It takes only a few minutes, and you will make yourself free from many troubles that might occur in the future. Following are some steps that you need to follow for the preventive cleaning of your Keyboard.

  1. unplug your Keyboard from your PC.
  2. Remove all the accumulated dust particles from your Keyboard using a vacuum cleaner.
  3. Now, using a slightly damp microfiber cloth, wipe your whole Keyboard.
  4. Lastly, dry your Keyboard with another clean cloth. Make sure to avoid using any paper towels on the Keyboard as they will make scratches on your Keyboard and will shed the unnecessary and particles that will make you regret the action for sure.

Avoid canned air at all costs when cleaning keyboards, as two negative side effects are possible. First, canned air is quite cold when it is released. That can cause condensation to build on scratches or worn metal surfaces, which could lead to corrosion or fused grime. Canned air can also blow dust directly into a keyboard’s switches, resulting in an unpleasant gritty feeling. Vacuum cleaners overcome those issues by pulling room temperature air, and therefore dust, away from the switches.

Careful Cleaning

Careful Cleaning

There are some occasions when even your daily cleaning doesn’t work, and some particles remain stick to the keys with greater stubbornness. For this, you can take a step further ahead and do a careful cleaning of your Keyboard. Following are some steps that you can follow to carry out this type of cleaning:

  1. Unplug your Keyboard from your PC
  2. Remove all the keycaps from the Keyboard by using a keycap puller.
  3. Clean these removed keycaps with the dish soap.
  4. Place these washed keycaps in a container by pouring some warm water in it. Cover the container and let them be there for almost 6 hours.
  5. Rinse all of them thoroughly and keep them out to get dried in the air. It may take some time, but it’s worth the time.
  6. Meanwhile, vacuum the plate thoroughly and clean all the debris that might have left in it and can affect its performance later.
  7. Keep the Keyboard turned upside down till the keycaps are being dried. This is to prevent any extra dust to get accumulated on the Keyboard.
  8. Add the keycaps back to their positions on the Keyboard.
  9. Wipe the whole Keyboard with a slightly damp microfiber cloth.
  10. In the last, dry it with a dry and clean cloth, not paper towels.

Deep Cleaning

Deep Cleaning

If your Keyboard doesn’t fall under the above mentioned two categories and is filthier internally, then you need to clean your Keyboard deeply. Following are some steps that you can take to deep clean your Keyboard.

  1. Unplug the Keyboard from your PC.
  2. Remove all the keycaps from the Keyboard by using a keycap puller.
  3. Clean these removed keycaps with the dish soap.
  4. Put half of the keycaps in a cleaner and fill them up with water and run the machine for about 6-10 minutes. Make sure to consider any additional instructions that your machine has on it.
  5. After completing washing all the keycaps, make sure to dry them up in an open-air.
  6. Now, take your keyboard case and start the cleaning process. Open it, unplug the screws, detach the wires (if any) and start your work.
  7. After splitting your Keyboard, clean the halves with the vacuum cleaner.
  8. Clean it up with a damp cloth
  9. If you feel there is a lot more dirt that can be cleaned by just vacuuming, you can also scrub the halves with a mild hand. After doing this, take great care in letting the Keyboard dry and the water evaporate from it completely.
  10. Use a damp cloth to lean the Plate as well as PCB. Place these two turned upside down to prevent any dirt from settling again.
  11. When you feel everything is dried up, reset all the things back to their original place with great care.
  12. Carefully assemble your Keyboard
  13. Place all the key caps back to their positions.

These were some most authentic ways to clean the gaming keyboard. If you follow them carefully, we assure you that your Keyboard will live much longer to serve you and assist you in your game-play by being responsive enough to let you win the round.

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Does Cleaning Keyboards Really Help?

Yes, it does. When you deep clean your Keyboard and extract all the dirt particles from it, its response rate increases manifolds. This increases your chances of winning the game.

What will Happen if you Do Not Clean your Keyboard?

Often times, your Keyboard gets dirty due to many obvious reasons. If you do not clean your Keyboard from time to time, then there are many chances of it being malfunctioned. The keys become hard to press, and this reduces its response rate, which obviously you would not want if you really love playing some high-profile games.

How often Should a Gaming Keyboard be Cleaned?

You should take great care of your Keyboard and repeat the cleaning process once every week. This will prevent the dirt particles from settling deep into the keys and will always keep you at ease with your gaming experience.

How to Increase the Responsiveness of Your Gaming Keyboard?

If you want your Keyboard that you use, especially for gaming purposes, to be much more responsive, then you should not let the dirt settle into its keys that may hinder its performance and can cause you much irritation during your game-play.

What Should you Use to Clean your Gaming Keyboard?

To clean your gaming keyboard, we suggest you use a microfiber cloth that is extremely lightly dampened with water only. Do not let the water directly get into the Keyboard as it may negatively affect its functioning. Also, avoid using a paper towel as it may put scratches on the surface. In addition to it, if you want to remove the debris from between the key, make sure to use vacuum air.

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