Method# 1 (If You Have a Wireless Gaming Chair)

Wireless gaming chair

Some people prefer using wireless gaming chairs, as they like the way they cut down all the needs for the wires and keep them away from various wire tangling issues. Also, the specialty of these wireless gaming chairs is that they are well-equipped with wireless transmitters, which are highly efficient in converting the audio signals to in-built speakers in the chair.

There are several other useful features of gaming chairs also, but for now, it important to consider that these wireless chairs eliminate the need for any wire in the process of connectivity. So, here are some important steps that you need to follow if you have a wireless chair.

Step#1: Xbox 360 and TV Connectivity

Using an HDMI cable that accompanies your Xbox 360, connect your TV with Xbox by plugging one end of the cable into the TV and the other into Xbox. Now, connect the power cable of the console and power it up with great care.

Step#2: Wireless Transmitter Connectivity

Here is the time to use the most advanced feature of your wireless gaming chair; it comes with a high-quality audio cable with green ends. Use these ends of the cable and connect your TV with the transmitter carefully. While doing the process, make sure to connect the male end of the cable with the jack of the transmitter and the other end in the audio output of your TV. Then all you have to do is to install the batteries into the transmitter with great care.

Step#3: Turn On Your Chair

Find the power button on your chair and press it to turn on your gaming chair after completing the above-mentioned steps. Also, make sure to power on the transmitter.

Then, match up the band frequency in the chair and the TV. So, you are done.

After completing the last step, you will experience that the transmitter is conveying signals to the speakers, which means you can now begin your chair as you have successfully connected your gaming device to your chair.

Method# 2 (Using HDMI Converters)

Using HDMI converters

This is probably the simplest method of all the other four. All you will need in this method are two HDMI cables and an HDMI converter, that’s all. So let’s begin!

Step#1 Use the First HDMI Cable

Use your first HDMI cable and connect your TV to your HDMI converter by plugging in one end of the cable to the TV’s HDMI port and the other to the HDMI converter.

Step#2 Use the Second HDMI Cable

Using your 2nd HDMI cable, you have to connect the converter, TV, and Xbox 360. , you can do this by plugging in one end of the cable to the HDMI port of the Xbox and the other to the HDMI adapter port of the converter. By following this step, all three devices will be linked together.

Step#3 Connect your Gaming Chair

Here you have to be careful while trying to connect your gaming chair with the HDMI converter, as any wrong wire connectivity may ruin your hard work. So, keep in mind that you have to use here the audio cables with white and red ends for the connectivity.

Connect these red and white ends of the cable with the red and white ports of your HDMI converter. However, make sure that you power-up your chair. All set! Now you will experience that all the sound is efficiently being transmitted to the chair.

Method# 3 (Use an Aux Cord)

Use an aux cord

This is another simplest method that I am going to tell you. It is effortless and less time consuming than the other two methods that I have already mentioned. In this method, you have to follow the two simple steps that I have mentioned below.

Step#1 Xbox 360 Console and TV Connectivity

Here in this step, you have to connect your TV with your gaming console by using the HDMI cable that comes along with the console.

Step#2 Controller and Gaming Chair Connectivity

Now, using the Aux cable, connect your gaming chair to the control panel by plugging in either end in both the control panel of your chair and the controller. Power on your gaming chair and enjoy your gaming. It’s as simple as that.\ So, here I end the 3rd method that seemed easiest and simplest to me, and I hope it will be as much easy and simple for you also. Let’s move on to the 4rth and final method.

Method# 4 (Using RAC Audio Cable)

Using RAC audio cable

This method may seem to you a bit at odds with the other three, but still, I feel this method is also easy and convenient as most of the time, I go by it when I have to connect my Xbox 360 with my gaming chair. If you decide to go by this method, let me clarify that you will need the following things:

  1. A 3.5 mm RAC audio cable (short)
  2. A 3.5 mm RAC audio cable (long)
  3. 2 B3 Barrel adapters

I suggest you prepare these things with you beforehand when you plan to go for the method.

Here are the steps that you need to follow:

Step#1 Set-up the Gaming Console and TV

Connect your gaming console and TV just like mentioned in method 1.

Step#2 Connect Barrel Adapter and RAC Cables

Then, connect the barrel to the RAC cables; it is simple and easy. Both the cable and adapter have red and white color codes, match the colors, and plug them in accordingly; plug the red end of the barrel into the red end of the cable and the white one into the white, respectively.

Step#3 Connect TV to the Chair

In the last and final step, you have to configure both your TV and gaming console. Carefully connect the green cable to the audio output of your TV and the other end with the audio output jacks of your gaming chair. When done, you can enjoy your gaming easily.