Correct Way to Hold a Gaming Mouse all Grips Explained

Correct Way to Hold a Gaming Mouse all Grips Explained

How to hold a mouse?

Correct Way to Hold a Gaming Mouse all Grips Explained
If you are a type of gamer that spends most of the time on the PCs to play some high-profile games like CS:GO, CoD4, Valorant (Gaming mouse for Valorant), PUBG, and others, then you just know how important it is to hold a gaming mouse properly.

There is no one right way to handle a gaming mouse as all mice come in different sizes and shapes, so the handling positions may vary depending on the manufacturing. Along with this, there are also various gripping styles that you need to choose for yourself that allow you to make an easy movement of the mouse.

There is one factor that affects your gripping style, and that is the size and the shape of the mouse that you have. The strong suggestion for you is to choose the one that is perfectly effortless to move. Before moving further, let us first discuss why it is important to hold a mouse properly.

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Why is it Important to Hold the Gaming Mice Properly?

If you don’t let hurt thumbs get in the way of your gaming, then it’s great, but why even make the thumbs ache when all you should do is to be completely comfortable in your gaming experience. For this, holding your mouse in a proper way is very crucial. There are many benefits of holding your gaming mouse in a proper manner, and the most important of them relate to your health; when you hold your mouse in the right manner, it will help you stay away from any strain that might occur in your hand due to consistent incorrect handling of your mouse for a longer time. 

Moreover, when you learn to handle your mouse properly, you get an edge of winning over your opponents. The reason for this is that every time you start a tournament or a competition, you need to have a mouse that can handle the hours of abuse and heavy hand movements along with providing you comfort. The heavy movement handling relates to the quality of the mouse that you buy, but the comfort directly relates to how you handle it. When you get this comfort by handling your mouse properly, there are undoubtedly much greater chances of you winning the rounds easily and conveniently. 

So, we suppose, now you get to know why it is really important to handle your mouse in a proper way. After considering the importance of nicer and accurate mice grip, let us now discuss some most commonly used mice gripping styles that will help you to understand our guide much better. 

What are Different Ways of Holding the Gaming Mice? 

Among hundreds of ways, there are only three ways that are professionally approved, and we think you should consider using them too. These are;

How to hold a mouse – Fingertip Grip:

Fingertip Grip Holding the Gaming Mice

In this type of grip, the palm of your hand is used to have a stronger grip over the body of the mouse, thus keeping your fingers free to control any movements of your gaming mice. This type of grip is ideal for some steady and short-distance movements to provide you increased accuracy in your minute movements. 

How to hold a mouse – Claw Grip:

Claw Grip Holding the Gaming Mice

This is a type of grip where you position your finger at the top of the buttons to control the click while the body is controlled by your palm as it is placed at its rear end. This type of grip is best for all the fast-paced and multiplayer games. 

How to hold a mouse – Palm Grip:

Palm Grip Holding the Gaming Mice

Lastly, this is a type of grip that is easiest and most comfortable. It is widely used by all gamers and non-gamers around the world. Through this type of grip, you can easily control your mouse in any changing environment. 

We are sure that you might have understood all these types of grips and must have figured out what type is yours. Now, not waiting anymore, let’s move ahead with our guide of various gaming mice gripping styles depending upon its manufacturing. 

What is the Best Way to Hold a Gaming Mouse?

Before you feel ready to learn about how to hold a gaming mouse, you need to keep in mind the following five things;

  1. Your mouse should be positioned comfortably relative to your body. 
  2. You should be aware not to grip your mouse so tightly as it can cause much pressure and pain in your wrist. 
  3. Do not hold your mouse consistently for long hours. Take regular breaks at some intervals. 
  4. Adjust the cursor and double click speed of your mouse accurately so that you don’t have to go for unwanted movements. 
  5. Do not use your wrist to move the mouse; instead, use your arm. 

There were the main things that you need to keep in mind while using your mouse. Now, we will move on to learning, specifically, what is the best method to hold a gaming mouse. If you want to avoid any injury or strain, carefully following the following steps;

  1. The first thing that you have to take care of is do not to keep your mouse far away from your keyboard. This is because when you keep it too far, you will get shoulder and neck pain. 
  2. Make sure that your elbow stays at 90° while holding your mouse. 
  3. Another important thing does not to hold your louse too tight. Make your grip loosen a little bit and your clicks lighter. To prevent your hands from any stress or strain, let your fingers rest while you are not making any move or clicks. You can also take off your hands from the mouse if you are not using it for a while. 
  4. Make sure that you are keeping your wrists in a straight position. This way, you will not allow your wrists to be stressed and bear the pain.
  5. One another thing that you can do to ease your hands is to adjust the speed, size of the cursor, and even the time between the clicks. This is because when your mouse is moving too slow or too fast, you will have to perform more movements than usual. 
  6. Lastly, never make a mistake to place your wrist or forearm on the desk, but try to lift them up and use your whole arm to move the mouse. This way, the pressure on your wrists will decrease, and you will stay injury or pain-free during all the usage.

Some Concluding Words 

We hope that our guide on how to hold a gaming mouse has helped you a lot in correcting your grip positions and styles. We have done this homework just to keep you away from any type of injury or strain that might occur in your wrist, shoulder, or neck while using and holding your mouse the wrong way. We are sure that by following our guide, you will be set free from any such trouble.

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How to Hold a Mouse to Prevent Carpal Tunnel?

Carpal tunnel is also known as carpal tunnel syndrome, which refers to the pressure on your wrist’s nerves. Tingling, numbness, pain, and uneasiness are some common symptoms. However, the best way to avoid this is to make sure that you do not keep your wrist and forearm on the desk. When you use your whole arm to make the mouse movements, there are dramatically decreased chances for you to get carpal tunnel.

Which Ways of Holding a Mouse can Cause Discomfort?

When you hold your mouse too tight or do not keep your wrist at 90° while using the mouse can cause much strain and discomfort in your wrist and even in your neck and shoulders. The best way to avoid this discomfort is to avoid making these mistakes while being completely lost in your game.

Does Mouse arm Syndrome Exist?

Mouse Arm Syndrome is commonly known as Mouse Arm that is named for the conditions like when you feel pain and discomfort in your hands, arms, and even in shoulders after using the mouse for an extended period of time and that too in a wrong way. This syndrome can be avoided by correcting the grip of the mouse and by keeping your wrist straight while using the mice.

What is the Best Position to Place the Mouse?

If you want to avoid any type of injuries, discomfort, and pain in your arm, neck, and shoulders, then all you have to do is keep your mouse closer to your keyboard. This will prevent you from putting any pressure on your neck and shoulders and even on the wrist. You can easily make your movements with the mouse for long hours without getting any kind of uneasiness.

What is the Best Way to Hold a Mouse for Gaming?

The best way to hold your mouse for gaming is to place your wrist straight at a 90° angle, to maintain a comfortable mouse grip, using the full arm to make the mouse movements, placing elbows on the table, adjusting DPI settings, and using a single finger for clicking. If you follow these steps, much of your aching wrist, neck, and shoulder problems will be eliminated.

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