How to Keep a Gaming Laptop Cool

How to Keep a Gaming Laptop Cool

Keeping your Gaming laptop cool – All possible methods

How to Keep a Gaming Laptop Cool

Overheating is one of those reasons that can keep you from enjoying a smoother and flawless gaming experience. If you are also facing this issue, you might want to have a solution that can get you out of it. In this guide, we will tell you how you can keep your gaming laptop cooler no matter how intense or long the session is.

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Why Gaming Laptops turn Hot? 

How to Keep a Gaming Laptop Cool - Why gaming laptops turn hot

Gaming laptops are made exclusively to provide you greater help and ease for all your gaming sessions that you enjoy playing most among all. The great thing about these gaming laptops is that they are lightweight, portable, come in an easy-to-handle frame, and have an advanced pack of graphics in a compact size. However, this compactness is their biggest plus point, while on the other hand, this very compactness is also one of the biggest weaknesses of these laptops. 

The reason for saying this is that even the normal laptops generate a lot of heat while being used, and in the case of these laptops, their powerful GPU (GPU for Ryzen 2700x) is something that gets extremely worse as compared to those. 

Is Cooling down a Gaming Laptop Necessary? 

How to Keep a Gaming Laptop Cool - Is cooling down a gaming laptop necessary?

While talking about playing high-end games on a gaming laptop, it is extremely important that it remains cooler during all the long sessions. This is because all these heavy profile games require a lot of RAM and speed to run smoothly to help you enjoy the session to the optimal level. To support these games, if your gaming laptop is not cool as it is required, then you might get irritated as it will get slow each time its GPU and CPU are under heavy load. 

So, if you want to have a smoother gaming experience with all your favorite games, then it is highly necessary that you do something to keep your laptop cool. It should remain cool during all the extended gaming sessions, no matter how much and how long you take them on a daily basis. 

Keeping a Gaming Laptop Cool; a complete Guide 

How to Keep a Gaming Laptop Cool -
Keeping a gaming laptop cool

There are many things that you can try out to make sure your laptop’s cooling system remains functioning properly and can even allow you to enjoy some extra activities most conveniently as well. Here are some things that you can try out to get the most results:

Keep your Gaming Laptop in a Proper Place. 

The very first thing that you have to make sure of is that you keep your gaming laptop at a suitable place that does not support it to generate more heat. For that, you have to take great care that you keep it on a flat surface rather than a soft one. 

This is because when you place the laptop on a softer surface like a bed or on your lap, some or probably all its fans that are on the underside will be covered completely, and thus the airflow is blocked. With this, the cooling system of the laptop is prevented from functioning properly. While on the other hand, if you keep it on a flat surface, these fans get enough space to regulate the airflow even better. 

If you don’t find any convenient surface to place your laptop, you can keep it on your lap. After that, you have made sure that you have not blocked the fan intake. You can do it by elevating it by using some box, book, or any similar kind of object that you think might suit best for the purpose. 


The next thing you can do is cleaning the dust and the particles from it regularly. The air is circulating all the time through your laptop, and as a result of it, the dust gets build up most consistently. This accumulated dust can make your gaming laptop slow and can prevent you from going smoothly through your gaming session. 

To prevent this issue, you cannot stop your laptop from working, but what you can do is clean up your laptop every three to six months. 

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Additional Cooling 

Another most helpful thing that you can do to avoid overheating issues in your laptop is that you get a cooling pad or a laptop cooler for the purpose. It can help you a lot with these overheating issues. 

These cooling pads operate through a very simple process: you just have to place these cooling pads on some surfaces and place your laptop on top of them. Then plug your laptop’s USB port, and the fans will ultimately do their own work. It’s that simple! 

Additional Measures

If you feel you have tried all of the things mentioned above and still your gaming laptop still gets overheated most of the time, then you try taking notice of underlying hardware or software issues that might be with your laptop. You can try out the following things: 

  1. If you see that your laptop’s performance drops noticeably and is also accompanied by heat increase, then there might be that its graphics card reaches a critical temperature. In such situations, what you can do is get a cooling pad or clean it up to make it reach its optimal level. 
  2. Make your GPU work less hard and generate less heat by lowering down the in-game settings. 
  3. Ensure to keep desktop-level graphics in your laptop by installing an additional external GPU. However, before buying the GPU, make sure that your CPU is powerful enough to handle the new GPU you are getting. 

So, these were some solutions to the issues that make your gaming laptop run extremely hot and prevent you from playing your games smoothly. Figure out what’s making your laptop non-functional, and try the solution accordingly.

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Do Cooling Pads Help Gaming Laptops?

Gaming laptops over get overheated because of improper placement and also because of carelessness in cleaning; however, cooling pads can effectively reduce this problem. These greatly help the laptop in battling against throttling and also prolong the longevity of your laptop. So, these cooling pads actually help gaming laptops in working well.

How do I Keep my Gaming Laptop Cool?

Keeping a gaming laptop is not a problematic task; rather, it is an extremely simple process. All you have to do is first figure out why your gaming laptop is overheating while you are gaming, and then try out installing an additional GPU, cooling pads, and even the cleaning process depending upon your problem.

Is it Normal for a Gaming Laptop to Get Hot?

Gaming laptops often get hot, especially when you are gaming or performing any other task that demands intensive hardware like video editing or compiling software etc. However, if your laptop gets intensely hot while you perform any of the tasks, then it might not be normal as it may be caused because of premature hardware failure.

Q: What are the cons of using air cooling for a gaming computer?

A: The cons of using air cooling for a gaming computer include:
1- Ineffectiveness: Air cooling may not be as effective at cooling high-performance components as other options, such as liquid cooling.
2- Noise: Air cooling can be noisy, especially if you are using high-performance fans or have a lot of fans in your system.

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