How to Turn a Laptop into a Gaming Laptop

How to Turn a Laptop into a Gaming Laptop

Turning your laptop into a gaming – Complete Guide

How to Turn a Laptop into a Gaming Laptop

A gaming laptop is something any gamer would want to have in their gaming set. Mainly because of its convenient portability and compactness, gamers like to buy it so that they can easily enjoy the games they most likely enjoy playing. 

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gaming laptop (Keep a Gaming laptop cool) comes with the most advanced features that make it highly efficient in supporting various games that you like to play. However, if you have an ordinary regular laptop and you are planning to make it a gaming laptop, you might have a challenge on your hand! no stress keep going…

The reason for this is that there is a huge difference between an ordinary laptop and a gaming laptop that you might want to take anywhere for the best ever gaming experience. (Bios settings for better gaming experience)

What is the Difference Between an Ordinary Laptop and a Gaming Laptop?

How to Turn a Laptop into a Gaming Laptop? Difference between an ordinary laptop and a gaming laptop

There is a massive difference between a gaming laptop and an ordinary one in the sense that a gaming laptop comes with upgraded and advanced features that are necessary to support various games. These are just the same as business or standard laptops, and their manufacturing makes all the difference. 

A gaming laptop comes with high speed, better graphics, huge memory, and also fast-processing power. All these things are considerably missing in an ordinary laptop, and thus it can’t support various games that you most often enjoy playing in your free time. 

How to Convert a Laptop into a Gaming Laptop?

How to Turn a Laptop into a Gaming Laptop
How to convert a laptop into a gaming laptop

As it is already known that gaming laptops come with the most advanced features that are not found in those ordinary laptops. So, if you are thinking of converting your laptop into a gaming laptop, you might not be able to do it completely. 

This is because you might be able to change the hardware of your laptop completely in order to make it support various games that are introduced in present times. The most important components of a gaming laptop are probably the motherboard, processors, and also graphics card (Graphic cards for Ryzen 7 2700x) that are surely not replaceable in any laptop model. 

Best Tip to Boost your laptop for Games (Easy)

There are some things that you can do to improve the gaming support of your laptop: 

Stay plugged in: Battery preservation, playing games on your laptop will deplete your battery very quickly make sure you are plugged in on your gaming marathons.

Maximum performance power settings: Right-click on My Computer and move ahead to properties. Choose Advanced System Settings that are present on the left side. Move ahead to Advanced> Performance> Settings and then select the option of “Adjust for best performance.” This will adjust your system for maximum performance. Note: This step is for Windows 7 users. If you have some different windows, you can use some other method that could help you do this for the OS. 

Gaming OS: Consider switching to a Gaming Operating system, that use 70% less background processes which can really boost your game play (check related article on best OS for gaming) it might provide better insights

Deactivate All non essentials: Deactivate all the non-essential tasks, processes, software’s and application, and it is preferrable you use game boost software (free) like Razer Game Booster which will priority all systems processes to your game.

Start-up Clean up: Clean up your start up applications on boot, by using free tool like Startup Manager For Windows Free

Update: update all your operating system, your applications and most importantly Drivers and Bios Update (check related article on how to set your Bios for gaming)

Accept the Quality: for a non gaming laptop to operate certain games, graphics and quality setting have to be set at the lowest mark in order to have a decent game play. Start at the lowest possible market and increase slightly and give a test run, if the game stutters or crashes lower it back. if its performing properly, test your luck with a higher setting.. and repeat.

What Components are UPGRADABLE? (Challenging)

RAM – Memory Ram

there are number of things to look for when upgrading your Ram’s, first think you need to look for it the current memory ram on your laptop, if you laptop is operating at 4 GB / 8 GB or 16 GB, you might have room to improve and upgrade your Ram however two very important points to watch out for:

1- Laptop ram capacity differs from your regular desktop, what we recommend you check the manufacturer for memory ram capacity, certain laptop models supports 32 GB and 64 GB.

2- Laptop ram operate at different speeds, meaning if you have 32 GB ram at capacity of your laptop you should check the memory frequency, a higher frequency provide better performance, so replacing those rams might bring some benefits to your setup.

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External Graphics Card

Recently most laptops are supporting external graphics cards, and there a number of options you can use to upgrade your laptop into a gaming rig. but unfortuantly they do not come cheap.

1- Check if your laptop can support external graphics card, check if the external graphics card needs to be routed to a different monitor to your laptop.

2-  It is not important that you need to have Thunderbolt 3 input every time you use an eGPU. If your laptop does not support such a hardware interface, you can try to go for an eGPU that supports USB-C.

Side note, if you do manage to upgrade your Ram’s and graphics card you need to match the minimum CPU requirement of your preferred game as this is the only component that is not upgradable.

Lastly, manage your expectations gaming on a laptop is not perfect but it can be done with proper guidelines and components.

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If all else fails, you might want to consider buying a new laptop if you really want to have a laptop that can support various games most efficiently.

Gaming laptops – Best Sellers

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Are Gaming Laptops Pricy?

Yes, gaming laptops tend to be more expensive than other regular laptops. This is because they are manufactured to contain much more advanced features in a similar size without ever compromising on the performance.

What Makes a Gaming Laptop?

A high-performing processor, graphics card, and also the motherboard is something that makes a laptop suitable for gaming. All these things make it quite efficient to support the widest range of games which are otherwise not possible for ordinary laptops to support.

Are Gaming Laptops Better than PCs?

Modern times gaming laptops are incredibly powerful and efficient. However, when they are compared with the desktops, they still lag behind in the performance. Desktops get an edge in their performance mainly because of their thermal considerations and also the high-end components. However, the difference is reduced up to much extent.

What are the advantages of a gaming laptop?

1- Portability: Gaming laptops are smaller and lighter than desktop computers, making them easy to take with you wherever you go.
2- Convenience: Gaming laptops allow you to game anywhere, as long as you have a power outlet and an internet connection.
3- Performance: Many gaming laptops are equipped with high-performance hardware, such as powerful processors and dedicated graphics cards, which can provide a smooth and immersive gaming experience.
4- Customization: Some gaming laptops allow for easy customization of hardware and software, giving you the ability to tailor your machine to your specific gaming needs.

What are the disadvantages of a gaming laptop?

1- Price: Gaming laptops are generally more expensive than desktop computers, especially when compared to similarly-equipped machines.
2- Limited upgradeability: It is often more difficult to upgrade the hardware in a gaming laptop compared to a desktop computer, as the components are often tightly integrated into the laptop’s compact design.
3- Heat and noise: Gaming laptops can generate a lot of heat and noise when running demanding games, which can be a nuisance to some users.
4- Short battery life: Gaming laptops tend to have shorter battery life than regular laptops, as the powerful hardware requires more energy to run. This can be a problem if you plan on gaming while on the go.

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