The fans in your PC play an important role in keeping the system temperature under control. The system uses built-in heat sensors to record the temperature of various components, and adjust the cooling fan speeds accordingly. However, sometimes you need a little extra control over how your PC operates. In this regard, Speed fan is essential software for hardcore gaming and overclocking your PC. Despite its importance, most people are unaware of the software and how to use Speedfan. Therefore, in this article, I will explain the basics and how to get started with using Speedfan on your PC.

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What is Speedfan?

What is Speedfan?

Before jumping to the process, it is important to know some basics about the software. Speedfan is a basic yet extremely powerful PC software that allows you to override the automatic fan speed. You can monitor the temperatures of various PC components like CPU and GPU at any instance with Speedfan. Moreover, it also allows you to control and change the system fans speeds depending on the usage. For instance, you can temper the settings to always run the fans at 100% performance, or set it to auto mode respectively.

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How to Install Speedfan?

Speedfan is free software that you can download from its official website Before downloading the software, it would be best to first check whether or not your motherboard is compatible with the software from the list here.

If you see your motherboard in the list, you are good to go. Otherwise, you won’t be able to adjust the fan speeds. However, you can still use the software to monitor the system temperature at any instance. Download and install the software, the setup is GUI-based so you should have no problem installing it.

How to use Speedfan?

  • The first step is to prepare your PC for the software:
  • Restart the computer and boot into the BIOS using the appropriate key combination for your system.
  • Navigate to system configuration and disable the automatic fan speed control.
  • The option may vary depending on the BIOS, however, you get the general idea by exploring the BIOS.
  • Boot your PC into the operating system and launch the Speedfan software (Run as Administrator).
  • The software will take a few seconds to scan your fan speeds and the temperature sensors. So, it is best to let it load while keeping the system idle.
  • After scanning, the software will start displaying the temperatures of your CPU and GPU.
  • Now click on the configure button, and check the “set fan speed to 100% on exit” icon.
  • Set the system fan speed values to 99 (maximum) of at least 50% if you want the system to be quiet.
  • Now go to the advanced tab and select your motherboard’s IO chip from the drop-down menu. Moreover, the PWM manual mode must be selected.
  • Now adjust the fan speed value to whatever you like. However, it would be best to never input a value below 50% to ensure optimum system performance.
  • You can adjust the fan speeds by monitoring the temperature of various system components through experimentation.
  • In the end, click applies and close the program. Now you can use your PC normally, enjoy!

What are the Benefits of Using Speedfan?

What are the Benefits of Using Speedfan

Speedfan is a powerful software that can optimize the system’s performance while keeping your temperature under control. It is especially beneficial for overclocking the PC and for heavy-duty gaming PCs. Here are a few major benefits of using Speedfan on your PC

Control CPU Temperature

CPU is the brain of any computer. Nowadays, modern processors have multiple cores that provide skyscraping performance according to the system usage. However, it is important to keep the system temperature around 90-degree Celsius to avoid overheating the computer. Moreover, the system draws more heat when you run heavy programs or overclock the system beyond safe limits. Therefore, the Speedfan software can help you maintain cool system temperature regardless of usage.

Control the GPU Temperature

Like CPU, the graphics card or GPU of your PC is also an important part. It helps the system display various programs on the monitor. The GPU also requires optimum cooling for best performance. Moreover, the GPU generates extra heat when you load HD graphics or overclock it. Therefore, it is important to provide an optimum cooling system for a high-end GPU and squeeze every bit of performance from it. In this regard, the Speedfan program gives you complete control over the GPU’s temperature sensor so that you can adjust the system fan speed accordingly to your requirements. 

Adjust the System Noise

Sometimes, gaming PCs can be a little noisy, especially when playing heavy-duty games on them. The fan noise becomes a great problem when you are gaming in the silence of the night. So, you can control the fan speed to minimize the fan noise. Moreover, you can also make your PC completely silent by setting the fan speed below 70%. However, if the system is still making noise, chances are that the fans are dusty or even broken. So, it would be best to clean or replace the damaged fan/fans to enjoy uninterrupted gaming on your PC.


Speedfan is a powerful software that gives you complete control over your PC. You can use the program to monitor the system temperature at any instance. Moreover, it also allows you to override the automatic fan speed, and manually adjust the speed according to your requirements. This article is a complete guide on how to use Speedfan, I hope it helps you out.

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