Least Quiet Mechanical Keyboard Switches

Least Quiet Mechanical Keyboard Switches – Top 4 List

Least Quiet Mechanical Keyboard Switches – Top 4 Picks

Mechanical keyboards have been growing in popularity for the past few years, and good reason. They offer a more responsive and tactile typing experience than traditional keyboards. But not all mechanical switches are created equal. Some are louder than others, which can be disruptive in shared workspaces or home offices. Read about our top picks if you’re looking for a least quiet mechanical keyboard switches.

Least Quiet Mechanical Keyboard Switches – Summary

1. Gateron KS-9 Mechanical SwitchesGateron KS-9SEE ON AMAZON
2. Kailh Speed MX 3 Pin RGB SwitchesKailh Speed MX 3SEE ON AMAZON
3. OUTEMU (Gaote) Red SwitchesOUTEMU (Gaote)SEE ON AMAZON
4. Cherry MX Blue KeyswitchCherry MX BlueSEE ON AMAZON
Least Quiet Mechanical Keyboard Switches – Summary

Least Quiet Mechanical Keyboard Switches at a Glance

Least Quiet Mechanical Keyboard Switches Reviews

1. Gateron KS-9 Mechanical Switches Least Quiet Mechanical Keyboard Switches
1. Gateron KS-9 Mechanical Switches (Image credit: Amazon)

1. Gateron KS-9 Mechanical Switches

SPECIFICATIONS Gateron KS-9 Mechanical Switches

Brand: Gateron | Switch Type: Pushbutton Switch | Material: Cherry | Mounting Type: Plate Mount | International Protection Rating: IP54 | Color: Silent Brown

REASONS TO BUY Gateron KS-9 Mechanical Switches

✓ The lifespan of 50 million clicks

✓ Wide selection of styles.

✓ Inadequate trigger travel distance.

REASONS TO AVOID Gateron KS-9 Mechanical Switches

✗ A bit Expensive

No products found.

Featuring a 55g actuation force and super tactile, crisp response, these high-quality plate-mounted mechanical switches are perfect for any keyboard. Plus, with their SMD 3-pin RGB design, they’re ideal for backlit keyboards.

2. Kailh Speed MX 3 Pin Least Quiet Mechanical Keyboard Switches
2. Kailh Speed MX 3 Pin RGB Switches (Image credit: Amazon)

2. Kailh Speed MX 3 Pin RGB Switches

SPECIFICATIONS Kailh Speed MX 3 Pin RGB Switches

Brand: KAILH | Special Feature: Travel | Color: Pro Light Green | Operating System: Windows 10

REASONS TO BUY Kailh Speed MX 3 Pin RGB Switches

✓ Short trigger travel.

✓ 3-pin key-switch.

✓ Great customer service.

✓ Long click life of 80 million.

REASONS TO AVOID Kailh Speed MX 3 Pin RGB Switches

✗ The pins are thin

No products found.

Kailh mechanical switches have recently gained popularity primarily because of their excellent handling performance, durability, and reliability. Kailh Speed Gold Silver Copper Bronze Pink Pro Purple Green Burgundy RGB Switches come with various features, such as LED lights for keyboard backlighting. Apart from this, they also provide tactile feedback when a user’s fingertips press down.

3. OUTEMU (Gaote) Red Least Quiet Mechanical Keyboard Switches
3. OUTEMU (Gaote) Red Switches (Image credit: Amazon)

3. OUTEMU (Gaote) Red Switches


Brand: Outemu | Operation Mode: ON-OFF | Connector Type: Clamp | Switch Type: Pushbutton Switch | Terminal: Through Hole

REASONS TO BUY OUTEMU (Gaote) Red Switches

✓ Buttery smooth

✓ Short trigger travel

✓ Long click life of 50 million

✓ Low actuation force


✗ Some of the most dedicated gamers may find it too soft.

No products found.

The OUTEMU (Gaote) Red Switches are high-quality mechanical keyboard switches that offer a smooth feel with exceptional feedback. These switches feature 3 pins, making them easy to install in your mechanical keyboard. Whether you’re a gamer or an enthusiast, these switches are ideal for any application.

4. Cherry MX Blue Least Quiet Mechanical Keyboard Switches
4. Cherry MX Blue Keyswitch (Image credit: Amazon)

4. Cherry MX Blue Keyswitch

SPECIFICATIONS Cherry MX Blue Keyswitch

Brand: Cherry | Wattage: 1 watt | Light Color: Blue | Size: 10 Count (Pack of 1)

REASONS TO BUY Cherry MX Blue Keyswitch

✓ High quality material

REASONS TO AVOID Cherry MX Blue Keyswitch

✗ loud sound

No products found.

Cherry’s MX Blue switch is a loud and tactile clicky switch, making it desirable for some users looking to make an auditory statement with each keypress. With a 50 CN actuation force and 4 mm total travel distance (actuating at 2 mm), the MX Blue is one of the highest-quality Cherry mechanisms available.


To choose a set of mechanical key switches that is both silent and reliable, it is essential to learn about the many types of mechanical key switches and what their various specifications imply. There are many alternatives, but the ones we highlighted in this review are among the best, if not the best, currently available.


What can you do to reduce the noise of your mechanical keyboards further?

Lubricating the key switches is always an option, although it may take some time, depending on the arrangement of your keyboard and workspace.

Why does sound matter?

Using a keyboard with loud key switches might be distracting to those around you. Therefore, membrane or silent keyboards are a better option. It would be best if you stayed away from Cherry MX Reds and other ultra-tactile switches.

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