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Gaming Techies is seeking gaming content from writers, gamers, and brands who want to feature their products and services. We offer a platform for gaming news, reviews, and helpful blogs to assist with troubleshooting game error codes and tutorials.

Why Write for Us? There are numerous gaming blogs available, so why choose Gaming Techies? We are passionate about our niche and offer a gaming audience of nearly 100,000 gamers each month. Our team handles editing and publishing of content and promotes it on our channels, allowing for easy and quick publication within 24-48 hours. We only require well-written content of at least 1,000 words and offer the opportunity for featured articles on our home page.

We Make Video Game Content Fun and Simple We believe that writing about video games should be enjoyable and straightforward. We have no strict quotas for contributors and welcome a variety of content, including game reviews and informational pieces. Our readers expect well-researched content, but we allow for personal opinions in opinion pieces.

Can I Make Money Writing for Gaming Techies? While we do not offer monetary compensation for submitted content, we allow for one affiliate link to be included in articles. For affiliated content, we require at least 1,500 words. We are not responsible for affiliate commissions and do not guarantee financial success through publishing on our site.

Submitting Content To submit content to Gaming Techies, please send a guest post of 1,000 to 1,500 words to wael [at] gamingtechies.com. Include previous writing examples, an article idea, and the desired length of the article or use the contact us form above. We will respond within 48 hours.

We look forward to receiving your content and potentially featuring it on our site. Thank you for considering writing for Gaming Techies.

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