Minecraft is a popular sandbox game by Mojang studios that have been around for more than a decade. It is one of the few games of that era with active servers, ever-increasing players, and an active gaming community. The main reason is that Minecraft keeps the player’s interest through regular updates, challenging tasks, and an open-source modding community.

However, such a level of customizability comes with its disadvantages. For instance, the players may encounter different errors that can’t be fixed by running a simple diagnostic. Moreover, sometimes the troubleshooting requires complete reinstallation of the game so you can say bye-bye to your progress. The good news is that you can solve most of the game errors like Minecraft realms internal server error-500 by following a few simple steps; here’s how:

What is Minecraft Realms Internal Server error-500?

The Minecraft realm internal error is usually encountered by players who try to join a private server. The error may originate for several reasons like internet connection, game version incompatibility, mod incompatibility, and many others. However, all these issues are at your end, and you can easily fix them if you have basic computer knowledge and the will to fix them yourself.

How to Solve the Minecraft Realms Internal Server Error-500?

As mentioned earlier, you can encounter the error-500 due to several reasons. Generally, diagnosing such problems requires tracing your steps until you find the main cause of the problem. Moreover, it isn’t wise to apply all these fixes at once as it may solve the problem, but you won’t learn what caused it in the first place. So, the best way to solve any error with multiple reasons is to apply all the fixes one by one and check the game after every step.

Check your Internet Connection

The most common cause of error-500 is an unstable or limited internet connection. Usually, the error is only encountered during online gameplay and not in offline game modes. So, an unstable internet connection seems like a probable cause of the problem.

Start with checking the internet connection on a different application like Chrome or any other internet browser to ensure that the internet is, in fact, working. Alternatively, if you are playing on a Windows PC, you can check the internet connection by opening the CMD (Win + R, CMD, Run). Type “Ping Google.com.” IF the connection is established with 0% loss, your internet is working. Otherwise, it may be a problem with your ISP.

Check the Windows firewall to ensure that it isn’t blocking Minecraft. Similarly, public internet routers block access to certain games and social media websites. So, if you are trying to play in school or on public Wi-Fi, it would be best to use a VPN or don’t play if it’s illegal.

Remove UDID or Account Folder

Suppose you didn’t change anything about your game, such as the account, internet connection, or device. Chances are your problem is due to a corrupted game profile. In this regard, the only way to fix it is to delete the UDID folder, sign in to your game account, and re-sync the game profile.

  • Go to C:\Users\AppData\Roaming.minecraft
  • Find the saved games folder and open it
  • Delete everything inside the folder and restart your PC.
  • Similarly, if you want to delete the saved files on MacOS X, open spotlight and paste the following “~/Library/Application Support/Minecraft.”
  • Lastly, if deleting the saved files didn’t work, you may need to remove the UDID for your player.
  • Go to this website and enter your username to generate a UDID.
  • Log in to the Minecraft server in the internet browser and head to server files.
  • Go to Worlds > Select Players > Delete Username and UDID.
  • Finally, restart the computer and try starting the game again.

Check the Mods

Mods are an easy way to get the most out of Minecraft. The open-world and great game mechanics allow you to convert Minecraft into any game of your choice. For example, recently, a team played CS: GO in the Minecraft world by using mods. However, all this fun comes at a price you must pay if you aren’t careful enough. For instance, using multiple mods simultaneously can sometimes corrupt the game data, lead to in-game errors, and even crash your game.

Therefore, it is best to double-check the mod requirements and clashes before installing on your computer. If you find any clashing mods, it would be best to avoid using them simultaneously. However, if you didn’t check and now your game is crashing or misbehaving, don’t panic. You can easily fix different mod-related Minecraft errors by removing the problematic mods. Furthermore, if you are unsure which mods are causing the problem, you can try disabling them one at a time.

Reinstall Minecraft

If none of these fixes worked for you, the ultimate solution to the Minecraft Error-500 is to reinstall the game. Don’t worry any of your saved files, game worlds, and user data will be deleted. All the user information is stored on Minecraft servers if you play online. However, if you are an offline user, then I have bad news for you. In any case, starting a new game is far better than spending countless hours trying to fix the impossible errors.

  • Connect to the internet and launch the game; press the Sync button to update your game profile on the servers.
  • Open Control panel from the Windows startup tiles.
  • Change the view to categories from the top right corner; it is easier this way.
  • Find Programs and features icon and open the uninstall a program link.
  • Download and install the latest copy of Minecraft from the Microsoft store or Minecraft official website.


Minecraft is one of the best sandbox games in the world. New players regularly join the community, and the existing players don’t seem to get tired of it. The main reason is that Minecraft keeps updating the game with new features, looks, challenges, and mods. However, sometimes users face various in-game errors due to several reasons. This article provides information about how to solve the Minecraft Realms Internal Server Error-500; I hope it helps you out.

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