Fix Modern Warfare 2 Stuttering

Complete Guide on How to Fix Modern Warfare 2 Stuttering

Modern Warfare 2 Stuttering – FIXED

Fix Modern Warfare 2 Stuttering:
If you’re like me, then you were pretty excited when Modern Warfare 2 was released. But after playing it for a while, you may have noticed some severe stuttering problems. Don’t worry, though – I’ve found a fix! Just keep reading.

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Method 1: Disable On-Demand Texture Streaming

Fix Modern Warfare 2 Stuttering disable-on-demand-texture-streaming

Some gaming engines use a method called “On-Demand Texture Streaming” that allows textures to be streamed on-demand rather than entirely loaded into memory at the beginning of a level or scene.

If this option causes MW2 to stutter, then why is it chosen? The reason for this is that the game is continually downloading new textures, and if the player uses a hard disc drive (HDD) instead of a solid-state drive (SSD), he may experience stuttering and freezing.

Method 2: Move the game to SSD or faster HDD

Fix Modern Warfare 2 Stuttering move-to-ssd

Someone on Reddit queried the poster about his system requirements after complaining about Modern Warfare 2 stuttering often; the sign turned out to have an SSD for C Disk but had the game loaded on a 5400 RPM drive. The user solved the problem by playing on an SSD.

Improvements in storage capacity are essential to keeping up with the rapid pace of technological development. Despite their longevity, hard drives are being phased out in favor of solid-state drives due to their superior performance and lower power consumption.

SSDs cost more than hard drives but have several advantages. They are faster than before, and they need less energy to do it. Because of this, solid-state drives (SSDs) are increasingly being integrated into modern electronic gadgets.

Method 3: Use Process Lasso to limit CPU usage.

If you’re experiencing low FPS or a dip in FPS in Modern Warfare 2, upgrading the chipset driver may help. Type msinfo32 into the Run wizard to see what version of the chipset drivers you’re using. You will open the Run dialogue box by clicking the Windows key plus R and then typing msinfo32. Take down the Motherboard model number, then head over to the webpage of the Motherboard maker to grab the chipset driver.

Method 4: Close any memory-hogging applications

Fix Modern Warfare 2 Stuttering close-any-memory-hanging-apps

Open the task manager to inspect the current memory and disc utilization. Exiting non-Windows programs that take up too much RAM or space on your hard drive is essential. Even if everything seems OK, you should hold off until the hotfix update is released and try again.

Several RAM-hungry programs can contribute to Windows’ excessive RAM utilization. Chrome is one of the browsers most often accused of such behavior. Chrome may be very demanding on your computer, even when it is minimized.

Similarly, Firefox and Opera are notorious for being RAM hogs, even compared to Microsoft Edge. If your device frequently freezes or slows down, you should investigate which apps use the most resources to determine the root cause.

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Method 5: Update GPU Drivers

Following the below procedures to see if there is a new version of your PC’s graphics driver is strongly advised. Doing so will allow you to update the latest version of the software, including fixes for several of the program’s visual bugs. To do so:

  • Step 1: You may access the shortcut menu by right-clicking the Start button.
  • Step 2: Access Device Manager by selecting it from the menu.
  • Step 3: To open Display adapters, double-click on it.

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What is Stuttering in PC games?

Shuttering in PC games refers to sudden and brief freezes or drops in frame rate, which can result in a stuttering or laggy gameplay experience.

What can cause Stuttering in PC games?

There are a number of factors that can cause Stuttering in PC games, including:
1- Insufficient hardware: If your PC does not meet the minimum system requirements for a game, it may struggle to run the game smoothly, leading to Stuttering.
2- Overheating: If your PC or its components are overheating, it can cause shuttering as the hardware struggles to keep up with the demands of the game.
3- Software issues: Stuttering can also be caused by software issues, such as conflicting applications or outdated drivers.

How can I fix Stuttering in PC games?

1- Make sure your PC meets the minimum system requirements for the game.
2- Check for updates to the game and your graphics drivers.
3- Close any unnecessary background applications that may be competing for resources.
4- Make sure your PC is adequately cooled, and consider cleaning the dust out of your case and components.
5- Try adjusting the graphics settings in the game to see if lower settings can help improve performance.

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