Secret MW2 Setting and Best Aiming Guide

Secret MW2 Setting and Best Aiming Guide

Secret MW2 Setting and Best Aiming Guide – Complete Guide

If you are a casual “dad” gamer, and you do not have the time to go pro finding the small tweaks and tips to better your game, can really be a god send if it works for you. With the very little time we have to play, scoring wins still matters. Let’s dive into a couple of tweaks that should help you out.

Step 1: Understanding the Difference Between Crosshair vs. Center Dot in Modern Warfare 2 (MW2)

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 has a number of hidden features. When it comes to aiming, likewise, the game’s ability to customize the crosshair is a nice feature that not many Mw2 players are not aware of. The default crosshair for the game might not be suitable for all players.

In this guide, we will share with you the pros and cons of crosshair vs. aiming dot in Modern Warfare 2 (MW2) and the best Aim setting profile to get you started.

Crosshair vs. Center Dot

CrosshairAiming Dot
Efficient in high speed scenariosconfusing in a high intensity situationMost suited for snipers: gameplayIt might be difficult with an automatic rifle’s recoil.
better used for automatic riflesless accurate for long range snipingBetter headshot clarity when shootingThey might be difficult to spot in a fast paced combat situation.

The aiming dot only has a different appearance from the typical aiming crosshair. 

So, it’s up to the player to decide whether to use this aiming dot or the one that comes with the game.

Changing the appearance of the aiming dot can be useful for some players, even though it might not have a significant effect on gameplay.

How to Change the Crosshair in MW2 to an Aim Dot

In MW2, Follow These Steps to Convert the Crosshair to an Aim Dot

  1. Open the game’s main menu by launching it. Then, you must visit the game’s settings. As an alternative, you can simply pause the game while it’s in progress and access the settings.
  2. You must then navigate to the Interface section of Settings. You must scroll down to the Advanced Interface Settings section of the interface settings.
  3. Once you’ve done that, you must select the Center Dot option and toggle it on.
  4. Important tip: For improved visibility, set the Center Dot Scale option to Largest. You can now return to the game and examine the brand-new center aiming dot.

Step 2: Find your Aim Profile

Profile for Best Aim Setting

The settings you choose for a competitive shooter can make or break your performance, as minor adjustments to important parameters like your field of view and the Aim Assist option can significantly enhance your gameplay. This Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Aim Settings guide will assist you in choosing all of the best multiplayer options that are frequently tucked away in the menu structure.

There are 13 additional button layout options in addition to the standard layout. These layout options alter how the buttons are mapped for using weapons, lethal equipment, melee, aiming down sights, and more. One of the most popular options is tactical, which switches your melee and stance buttons and provides a significantly better gaming experience, though ultimately it will depend on your preferences and playstyle. Once more, if these don’t work for you, think about trying the other available options to see what best suits you.

2. Target Aim Assist – Toggle to ON


If Target Aim Assist is turned on, the camera will stop when the crosshair is about to pass over an enemy.

3. Aim Assist Type


We recommend that you try out all of the options to see which one works best for you.

You might want to test out all the options in this settings if you’re new to gaming on consoles or don’t typically like the traditional aim slowdown used in Modern Warfare games.

Aim-assist Types

  • Default: Near-target aim slowdown
  • Precision: When aiming at a target that is closer to you, a strong aim slowdown only becomes active. (best for professionals)
  • Focusing: A strong aim slowdown that also takes effect when the target is just missed. Target. (best for returning players)
  • Black Ops: Best for Experienced COD Black Ops Players

4. Gyro Setting


Gyro-aiming, offers a quick way to make tiny adjustments when aiming, making it a great accessibility feature for people with limited dexterity and motor skills.

Additionally, because it is such a satisfying feature, it might appeal to players who don’t care about min/maxing and instead just want to enjoy features like haptic feedback and similar ones.

Recommended Setting ADS only (note: best for automatic riffles)

5. Gravity Vector


Recommended Setting ON (Note: best for automatic riffles)

6. Gyro Sensitivity Vertical


Recommended Setting 20

Competitive first-person shooter games are becoming very hard to dominate due to the stiff competition and the numbers of professional players on each server. It is becoming increasingly difficult for casual dad gamers to keep up on certain servers where player matching criteria is currently a bit of a mess.

Any type of advantage you can get in the form of practice drills, profiling your settings, better aim customization, accessories, or hardware you might need to improve your experience is something we will address on a regular basis.

Lastly, the above is recommended by professional gamers, and this setting profile is related to their game play style, loadout, etc. So make sure you try and test all the above variables to find the best setting profile to match your playing style.

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Aim assist vs. gyro-aiming?

Gyro Aiming  is new and actually off by default, Aim Assist is disabled whenever the Gyro is active, but it can be overridden. However, you should be aware that vertical sensitivity appears to be much higher than horizontal sensitivity, and that it will vary depending on your playing style.

Is Aim Assist fair for professional players?

If the users of aim assist are adept at using it, it effectively becomes overpowered. In video games, this is usually used to instantly hit the enemy’s upper torso or head, which can kill them right away.

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