The Difference Between VA, TN, and IPS Monitors

The Difference Between VA, TN, and IPS Monitors

The Difference Between VA, TN, and IPS Monitors – Complete Guide

When buying a gaming screen, we may notice that there are many elements affecting the quality and speed of the image, and we may also notice that there is a big difference between the prices of the screens despite the similarity of their advantages. This is due to the type of panel used in the screen, and we will talk more about the details of each panel and what is the appropriate panel for you in this article.

TN Monitors (Twisted Nematic)

It is the oldest of the three species mentioned and has the poorest image quality. TN monitors were the first mass-produced monitors after CRT monitors.

However, TN panels have a number of disadvantages. The first of which is that the viewing angles are almost nonexistent, especially in a vertical setup. You will notice that the colors differ completely when viewing the screen at an acute angle, vertically, or even transversely.

Also, TN monitors have color issues because they are unable to display true 24-bit color. Because of this, the screen relies on the use of color simulation tricks and color interpolation by itself, causing problems in displaying colors and matching each other despite the differences and lower contrast compared to VA or IPS.

So why do some people still own TN screens? For a start, it is much cheaper compared to IPS or VA, and this is since the manufacture of this type of screen is inexpensive, which makes it a suitable option for those who want an budget friendly screen. It is also the fastest of the three types, making it suitable for fast and competitive games. It is suitable for those who are not concerned about the “correct” colors or sharp viewing angles. which makes it a suitable choice for a screen used in the office or for studying and playing games at a budget.

IPS Monitors (in-plane Switching)

IPS technology was developed to solve the vision problems that TN screens lacks, especially in displaying colors correctly and offering wider viewing angles. The results of this development have caused IPS screens to beat TN screens in all aspects (colors, viewing angles).

One of the problems with IPS is that it suffers from very poor contrast. It is very effective in scenes with dim colors, especially the black color that appears in gray.

In addition, the prices of this type of monitor are a bit more expensive than VA or TN, in addition to being slower and delivering higher response times than TN.

VA Monitors (Vertical Alignment)


VA monitors offer an intermediate choice between TN and IPS as well as high contrast. This type of panel was developed to combine the advantages of the two types with each other, but that, of course, comes with disadvantages in the nature of the world of screens. Compared to IPS, is the ability to show similar colors, in addition to having a screen refresh rate and display speed equal to VA, which makes it a suitable option for those who care equally about screen speed and color accuracy.

In addition, this type of screen is a suitable solution for those who face problems with viewing angles on TN screens.

VA screens also have the highest contrast ratio among the three types and provide excellent vision and image in dark scenes.

The acronym of course, in most matters in life, there is no ideal option that satisfies all parties and has all the advantages. Each panel has its advantages and disadvantages, and the reason is due to the technologies used in this panel or screen.

The TN panel screen provides fast image display and high refresh rates of up to 240 Hz with ease and cost-effective options within most gamers’ reach. In addition, it is considered suitable for professional players because of this speed, but it is flawed by the accuracy and lack of colors, and the viewing angles may make it an unfavorable option for some people.

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An IPS panel screen is a suitable solution to the problems of TN screens regarding colors and accuracy of displaying the correct color, in addition to sharp viewing angles. This is at the expense of screen refresh rates and image display speed. It is a suitable choice for those who are not interested in professional gaming and want to play just for fun and enjoy the beautiful gaming landscapes without the need for the highest response times. It is the perfect choice for designers and video editors.

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The VA panel screen gives an average choice between the two types, TN and IPS, in addition to having a higher screen refresh rate than IPS and the highest contrast ratio between the three types, which makes it a suitable option for content and dark scenes, but with colors and viewing angles less than IPS but better than TN.

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